Covid-19 – thoughts and observations

I am writing from the UK where much of the country is in voluntary isolation. Most public spaces are either shut or shuting down.

There is a lot of advice and information around. What I will try and do here is post information that might help clarify information that appears in general media.

This is the letter I have sent to existing clients:

Clinic arrangements in the event of quarantine areas.


I am sending this email to clients who have used my homeopath services in the past as well as currently seeing me, either in one of the clinics (Wellington, Birmingham and Greenwich) or via the internet.

One of the many wonders of homeopathy is that remedies can be decided remotely and sent by post to your home. I have been working using SKYPE since I lived in New Zealand in 2004. The system is not without its limitations, sometimes the post fails and I need to resend and even with a video connection it is not always possible to get the ”whole picture”. Clients will fit the homeopathic session into their day to day life rather than taking time to visit a clinic. Putting aside time can help focus the analysis. However during the next few months various areas may be quarantined and so I am sending this as a preparation for those restrictions. I now tend to use Zoom rather than SKYPE.

The easiest way to set up a Zoom or WhatsApp or even telephone session is to email me outlining the situation and when you would like to talk, please include your address


The charge is a flat rate of £60 wherever in the world. Payment can be by direct transfer or PayPal.


Sometimes clients have their own source or stock, if not I can post them.

In UK and Europe I make a Charge of £10 to cover the packaging and postage while Worldwide I charge £16

If you are stocking your own remedies many people will purchase a first aid kit from

Ainsworths 36 New Cavendish St, Marylebone, London W1G 8UF

020 7935 5330

or Helios Homeopathy Ltd. 89-97 Camden Rd, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2QR

+44 (0)1892 537254 (14 lines)           +44 (0)1892 536393 (24 hours Ansaphone)

For the current situation

Most of the remedies needed will be in the above kits. A good remedy to add would be:

Eupatorium perfoliatum 30c

In advance of any infection the Indian government is suggesting ARSENICUM ALB 30 once a day for 5 days and repeat monthly for its citizens


Vitamin D3 2000iu daily before any symptoms. Many of us are low in Vitamin D anyway and this dosage would be a good support.

If symptoms start then VITAMIN C 2000iu will help you get through.

What to do if you get symptoms and what are symptoms.

Information is constantly being updated by various government bodies. In the UK the NHS website is the best first point of call, elsewhere contact your doctor’s office.

Incubation and infection period.

I found it hard to get information as to when one might be infectious. This is best info have found so far:

The latest study examined 181 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and concluded the median incubation period of the disease to be 5.1 days. The study also concluded 97.5 percent of those infected with the virus will develop symptoms within 11.5 days. It is important to remember this study does not mean someone is immediately all clear after five days, but instead it validates the current two week quarantine period as the optimal time stretch for self-isolation after suspected exposure. source:

yet to find anything about catageon time scale