Len Marlow MCH RSHom

Len MarlowI trained at the College of Homeopathy in London and have been practising for 30 years. I practise in Greenwich, London and the Midlands. I have worked as clinical supervisor for the College of Practical Homeopathy and lecture at other training colleges.



Reflecting on my time in practice, I recognize that a large part of my client base consists of families. It is a very enriching process, working with family groups and supporting them both individually and collectively.


The word holistic is now used in all sorts of contexts but homeopathy is truly holistic in that the whole (or hole) in a clients life can be bigger than the individual. Many people turn to homeopathy when life is just not right for them; stress at work, or in the family, or the bigger question of, “What am I doing with my life?” The nature of the homeopathic process allows a person to gain a different perspective on their situation, on how they deal with it and how they might transform their lives.


From my early work with hyperactive children and  Autism it became evident without a healthy gut there cannot be a healthy child. Increasing I see this applies to all cases and all ages. Some individuals are “fit” enough to get by, maybe not for their whole life but at least till their 40’s or 50’s but, as we age, increasingly nutrition and what we eat become important. For many the “rock and roll” years give way to a desire for a more centered and spiritual existence, which may elude us because of our gut. Modern life, the stresses of work, global living, a deteriorating environment, the pill infertility and IVF, the drugs we take for our health and the drugs we take for fun impact on our well being. All these both individually and collectively find an outlet in a dysfunctional gut.

There is an immense amount out there: supplements, diets, guru’s. Each story is true for that person but what is right for you? I can’t answer that in general but working with many clients I have slowly learnt there are some parameters that apply generally. Have a look at my pages on nutrition and the gut. I hope they help.

Contact me by emailing me at homeopathyonline@hotmail.com if you have a question.


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