Banner headlines and tabloid statements are not usually the best introduction to a homeopathic remedy but MEDORRHINUM, fixed so firmly in the sycotic miasm, lends itself to that sort of introduction. The miasm, sycosis, has fixed ideas and a certain rigidity about it and is the miasm of over production. So…. MEDORRHINUM


  • Knows no boundaries.

  • Extreme extroversion or introversion.

  • A desire to delve into the unknown.

  • Early sexuality (children that masturbate, frequent erections, little boys dress as girls, girls wear the tightest possible clothes)

  • Experiments with drugs, altering mental states.


Generally these people are HURRIED but can have swings of energy, periodic phases of no energy. Restlessness to the point of wildness (these children have their feet constantly moving). Hyperactivity with no attention span. Messy by nature and so may be confused with SULPHUR. Here we can see how much this remedy could be useful with hyperactive and ADHD children and also that Autism can often be a disturbance in the sycotic miasm. Remedy wise however there are many more hyperactive remedies to consider in working with Autistic children and more detailed case taking and observation would be needed before choosing MEDORRHINUM.


As a nosode, MEDORRHINUM stirs up the sycotic background and can confuse the practitioner more if given to early in the case. Always there should be a clear indication for prescribing. The indications are:


  1. As a remedy itself. (on simillimum or as organ support)
  2. Failure of indicated remedies. (to open up a case)
  3. Relapse of indicated remedies.
  4. Never been well since (NBWS) (e.g since head injury, first menses or since vaccination.)
  5. Inter-current prescription.

Meanness and cruelty, coupled with high energy, can lead to frequent quarrels, screaming matches and out-and-out fighting. Impatience and irritability and are worse from contradiction. Throws things, even at parents. Strike parents, siblings or friends. May relish torturing and killing animals e.g. pull the legs of spiders.

 TEMPER TANTRUMS arise from confusion of mind, although intelligent they cannot perceive their desire clearly – get into a state over things, intolerant of contradiction. Curse and break things – violent anger. They confront and long for the reprimand. Throw things at people they like. Tell lies by denying the truth, “economical with the truth” or actually make things up. Invent things in their confused mind. Lying evoked by sibling rivalry.


Selfish and thoughtless. Rude. Manipulative to achieve ones own ends. Possessive over one parent and get jealous when the other is around. They have a short attention span and live in a dream world. Much of this can look like either LYCOPODIUM with the fears and domineering nature or SULPHUR with the wildness and the physical generals.


They feel isolated from others (THUJA CANN-I). Initially they are slow and perfectionist but as the confusion of mind increases they resent being pushed with homework etc. and they procrastinate and appear lazy and obstinate (SULPHUR: The shy side of MEDORRHINUM can mean they have anxiety of new ventures like LYCOPODIUM).

 Normal development, Hyperactivity ADHD Autism

They present basically antisocial behaviour and it is a common remedy as children start to go to school, as they move to a social setting where they need to relate to their peers. Although intelligent they often have learning difficulties, they don’t fit. They are often dyslexic or pseudo-ambidextrous. Many of the symptoms may develop after vaccination with DPT and the sycotic miasm is very much worse for vaccination. A progression from the tubercular miasm toward the sycotic miasm is often seen after vaccination. This direction is not solely due to vaccination as there is a natural progress towards the sycotic miasm as the child steps out into society.


This used to happen between 5-7 years old but this need to survive in the larger society (a sycotic process) now occurs in UK much earlier with State and social encouragement to put children in nursery as early as 1 year old. Coupled with more testing and fixed outcomes in early years, is this reflecting a larger general move to a more sycotic society? So those years of creativity of the Tubercular miasm, that time of building, dreaming, planning have been swapped for the “disco” of timetabled education. How much do we loose to future adult talent and expression by constraining those early years in this sycotic way?


MEDORRHINUM is a state of CHAOS and CONFUSION, not least of all for the prescriber, so when in childhood should the remedy be given? One of the key symptoms is the MEDORHINUM state illicits a feeling of disgust – the mother confides she does like her daughter at the moment. The wildness and the meanness is uppermost but also on a physical level the child may exhibit earaches that demand your attention and the ears are full of pus. Stools and other discharges that are disgusting.

 Babies and children

In the infant there is cradle cap. Discharge from the eyes and nappy rash (again a need to differentiate with SULPHUR) and many of the symptoms over lap with THUJA, the main anti-sycotic remedy. The child sleeps in the knee chest position (genupectoral), uncovers and has hot feet.


In older children their feet are so hot they have to stand on cold tiles. These are night people hard to put to bed, sleep on abdomen and thrash about in sleep, especially feet. They have nightmares of being chased, awake un-refreshed. The children’s hair is tousled particularly at the back.


They bite their nails. Swelling of the joints especially ankles (arthritis is very sycotic). Moles and warts (THUJA is the first remedy to think of for warts and the term sycosis means “fig-wart” disease i.e. warts that are pedunculated).



Common fears are the dark, being alone at night large bodies of water, closed in spaces, animals, dogs, slimy animals like toads an snakes, of being observed, that someone is behind him, cancer, heart disease, death, insanity.

 Sycotic Miasm and Captialism

The sycotic miasm is the miasm of Capitalism. Everywhere you go in the largest capitalistic country, the USA, there is iced water and orange juice (MEDORRHINUM key notes).


Links with Cannabis

The confusion of mind in adulthood means they make mistakes. They have alternating states between aggression and timidity or aggression and sentimentality. States of paranoia, showing in the way they react to loosing things – perhaps with a fixed idea that the item has been stolen. The paranoia is a common state amongst dope smokers and CANN-I is used in the treatment of gonorrhea (MEDORHHINUM is made from gonorrhea pus). People growing cannabis are always anxious their plants will be found and they will be prosecuted! Cannabis smoking is a sycotic activity and too much cannabis can remove you from this world.

The fear of insanity is very strong, the chaos and disorder they live in shows in rubric: DEL that she will become insane also “single symptom” forgets his own name and wild feeling in head. Their mental looseness means they can be clairvoyant. Or a common symptom is they look over back their shoulder, feel there is someone behind them (similar in THUJA), again that element of paranoia.

and the rest

Rheumatic fever, cystitis, shingles has its origins in sycosis but chicken pox is tubercular/tubercular syphilitic.

Lots of liver disease, much catarrh is stored here.

HEAD migraines < cheese < choc, fIakes of skin fall from scalp.

EYES peripheral hallucinations, inflammation with intense signs, redness swelling and pus

EARS itching, fluid in middle ear, orange wax

NOSE chronic snuffles

The abundance of mucous and pus is very much sycosis and hence clearly indicated in MEDORRHINUM. Often the indication to give MEDORRHINUM may be there seems no other way to get rid of the mucous


COUGH > Iying on stomach

SKIN eczema from birth, moles and warts, lipomas, vitiligo. Insect bites on extremities that itch and become inflamed VERY WARM BLOODED





< DAMP < 3-4 am < close room

> LYING ON ABDOMEN > fresh air

> seaside

+ salt + sweets

+ green fruits

– runny eggs

– egg plant

< SUNRISE TO SUNSET < touch, even slight


< after urinating

< before storms

> bending backwards, stretching out > being fanned> hard rubbing


Food likes and dislikes

+ oranges

+ ices

+ sour things

+ refreshing things

+ meat


– oysters – okra

– onions

thirst for cold

drinks chew on ice


Single Symptom DELUSION someone touched her head, caressed on head by someone, felt a delicate hand smoothing her head.


6 thoughts on “Medorrhinum

  1. Dear publisher
    I want to take valuable suggetions for a chronic case of obcessive compulsive disorder as to be sure of choosing either medorrhinum or siphillinum and it’s potency(sulpher and arsenic failed )

    • the axis of the two remedies is different and cannot be confused. In Medorrhinum there are fixed ideas, there are compensation and overproduction in Syphillnum there is destruction and despair, self destruction but also breaking things around them. In syphilinum much is hidden while in Medorrhinum much is untrue

  2. My son has mild autism. He finds it hard to socialise. When he gets overly excited while watching tv or talking, he talks very loudly and laughs loudly. He is socially awkward and has no confidence. Can you suggest any remedy for him. Thanks

  3. I can so relate to this so much, most of this has my traits. My homeopath has given this to me and I know it helps. But does it mean I need to take it forever. Can I change my habits or is it ingrained.

    • It is in or make up but there are positive ways to express these drivers. Your homeopath will have given other remedies to help with your own personal development. Sometimes your reaction will be physical sometimes emotional.

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