An evergreen. Yellow flowers in May, hang down and split open. There is a split, a duality, in this remedy. The left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. There is both confusion and secrecy. After prescribing this Rx often whole new areas of the clients past or present become available, even the client may be unaware of the details (e.g. they may suddenly find their partner is having an affair or they have a half sister they knew nothing about). This may extend to the practitioner so after this remedy a whole new aspect of the client may be disclosed – even another life.

There are two common types of THUJA personality:

Sensitive, artistic, refined, poets. Like music, going towards (or from) PULSATILLA and SILICEA.

Materialistic, moving towards Med. Overtly extrovert. Lies and cheats and openly sexual.

There are two ideas being expressed and this shows up in the generalities that constantly list both modalities:

< and > lying, < and > sitting, < and > sleeping

dreams lying on the left and < lying on left, > lying on right.

There is a left sidedness to the remedy. The feminine emergent subconscious. The separation between mother earth (yellow) and the unconscious ocean (blue). THUJA is at the point where they are just separated:

  • delusion; mind and body separated
  • delusion; she is under superhuman control
  • delusion; she hears voices in the abdomen
  • delusion; there are animals in the abdomen

The split is at the diaphragm, animal below. Above emotions and the higher centres

Heart                                                    Abdomen
high emotions                                 lower consciousness
superhuman                                    animal
delusion, they are light               delusion, they are heavy
+ delicate music                             dark thoughts

 Delusion, about to die, fear rising from stomach.

Wherever there is self in rubric there are two, animal and angel – reproaches self. Big remedy for guilt – top half reproaches the bottom. Guilt is a big issue for THUJA in Allen’s ‘Materia Medica Pura’. Half of the mental rubrics are around guilt.

It is a remedy at the point between life and death. Miscarriage at 16 weeks. One third of the human gestation period, the point of stuck-ness. The point at which the diaphragm becomes complete, sex differentiation is apparent, retina is layered, nasal septum is created, palate fused and human features form, passes from animal kingdom to human, arrival. This is point at which the spirit enters. The placenta takes over at third month and so the foetus is separated, the start of an independent life form. The uterus rises up out of the pelvis.

 The Circlethe circle

















On the circle THUJA runs between the earth (yellow) and water (blue). The yellow is separated from the blue: Skin dirty (R) yellow or (L) blue, sees yellow flashes and yellow flames, tongue blue or yellow. Where these two colours are mixed you get green: green leucorrhea, green discharges, fear of green stripes.

The idea of “stripes” occurs throughout this remedy – corrugated nails, stripes in thinking – omit words, boy speaks jumping over words. In their food they have < onions (in layers or stripes). It is the idea of separation or split – hair has split ends, urine has forked stream (like MERCURY). They have hair growth where it would not be expected. A useful symptom in infants – babies born with hair on their body (downy hair is TUBERCULINUM), premature puberty. Also first teeth decay in children, especially at gum line. Oily black tarry stools in children.


They are < vaccination (injection of animal proteins). Vaccination usually given on left side. The blood brain barrier forms at three months so, if parent has decided to vaccinate, postponing until after 16 weeks is a wise precaution. THUJA is not an antidote to vaccines, its indication for use arose as a result of the small pox vaccination – inoculation with animal product. This was common in Britain and USA and therefore THUJA is now homeopathic to the population.

Indicated at transitions in life, be they the developmental changes of childhood or those that are part of out midlife situation, THUJA is most useful. Since many current Western problems revolve around the development and opening of the Heart Chakra then THUJA may often be prescribed at the same time as THYMUS GLAND. A triad of remedies in such cases may include TIGERS EYE, if the person is stuck in promiscuity of any sort (giving themselves for external gain or money, through sexual habits or work ethic) or, if they need to open up to their creative desires, their hopes and aspiration, then TUBERCULINUM may be the third part of this triad. Often THYMUS GLAND 30 will be indicated daily and the other two weekly but follow your inner knowledge.

AYUAHUASCA may precede THUJA if the developmental change needed is of an acceptance of our spiritual process and again TUBERCULINUM may well follow. Here SYCAMORE may sometimes be a better remedy than THUJA, especially if the person is more eccentric, more stuck in their head, more fearful of the process of separation. In SYCAMORE there is already the knowledge at some level of the enormity of the leap that is needed and they have retreated or never emerge. In THUJA there is a true crossroads, there is choice, they are often not yet aware of it.

THUJA has major uses at the beginning and ends of life’s cycle, it is truly the TREE OF LIFE. In pregnancy it is often considered that THUJA can promote a miscarriage and should be avoided but equally if it is indicated then it will hold the child there. It can be extremely useful during threatened miscarriage, while SECALE will be more useful if a miscarriage is incomplete. SABINA is also useful and there are particular directions of the pain that help differentiate these two remedies.

At the end of life THUJA signals that point of departure, that point of stuck-ness between here and there and the person is hanging on for the benefit of others, guilty to go. ARSENICUM will cover that deathly look and the cold sweats and the incontinence, while OPIUM will cover the fear and the withdrawn-ness and ANHOLIUM fits with the visions of ancestors. Often this is seen as visitors are mistaken for relatives already dead. It is THUJA though that has that connection with the spirit that may only at this point be reconnected – the light flooding the room, heavenly choirs. The true acceptance of the situation and the humbleness to proceed back to the place from where we came. The time aggravation of THUJA (3am) and ARSENICUM (2am) also fits this point of departure.


Green is the colour of growth and THUJA is a remedy of overgrowth and over-production – it is one of the main remedies for warts. There is lots of catarrh, blood disorders – gout, gallstones and kidney stones (less), dyspepsia – a focus on the liver. (L) ovarian cysts. Pains in kidneys (< if had a/b).

ABIES NIGRA 3x is a good inter-current, gives relief to indigestion while THUJA works.

THUJA works well in cases of gonorrhea that have been handed down, don’t expect anything too immediate from THUJA in treating gonorrhea. NIT-AC goes deeper into person, THUJA deeper into past. In acute gonorrhea SABINA and CANNABIS INDICA are  more useful.

Bones become brittle with calcium deposits. THUJA prescribed low potency after slipped disc.

Catarrhs that pour down the throat, post nasal < night (there is a 3am <), cough it up in the morning, leads to bad digestion. Also tea and meat contribute to bad digestion. Chronic dyspeptics with a clean tongue. Constipation, lazy indolent and inert, don’t express ideas well. (Try not to confuse with SULPHUR).

Early morning loose stool. Stool that retracts (Sneaky Stool compare SILICEA bashful stool).

THUJA client with blood in urine give CANTHARIS. Cystitis similar to symptoms in MEDORRHINUM.

  • excessively painful like passing glass
  • pains in kidneys and ureters
  • smell dirty

MEDORRHINUM more acute & immediate pain. PSORINUM similar in this state, pus, catarrh and spaced out.

The separation leaves them fragile, particularly in the mornings. No appetite for breakfast. They can be slippery and devious. They are fond of fat (NITRIC ACID likes oily fish – another big Sycotic remedy – has issues around forgiving) and fat separates from water.

They can hang onto things, stubborn and quarrelsome, particularly over trifles. Can hang on to relationships, possessive. THUJA can facilitate separation or make it all right not to, whatever is meant to be. During this process CARCINOSEN 200 will be needed regularly. These things are a manifestation in the outer world of the duality of the inner body. Sometimes people will deliberately create wrong relationships and suppress them. Make themselves ill – leads to cancer. Two people arguing as the duality is manifested, the spirit hangs on – possession. Passion and desire – issues in the Mars centre.

THUJA focuses on the solar plexus, ruled by Mars – stomach liver spleen pancreas. It is the second most abused centre (first is the genitals). Most of what people call thought is a reflection of what is going on in this centre. Other remedies of the centre are NUX VOMICA, LYCOPODIUM,  ARGENTUM NITRATE, IGNATIA and ARSENICUM ALB. THUJA also works on the Thyroid centre (ruled by Venus) and the Brow centre, Pituitary (ruled by Mercury).

The separation means they are often vague and also they can be clairvoyant. (MEDORRHINUM, PYROGEN, BAPTISIA, PETROLEUM) all these remedies have the idea of sepsis. Feeling someone is beside or behind them (lots of similarities with MEDORRHINUM, difference on physical generals).

ARSENICUM is the acute of THUJA. THUJA is the main remedy of the Sycotic Miasm.


< 3 am< increasing moon

< wet damp

> warm weather

> free secretions

sweats on uncovered parts


< onions< tea

< coffee

> crossing legs


> rubbing

> drawing up limbs

> touch

> wrapping up

4 thoughts on “Thuja

  1. What do you mean when you say that thuja goes deeper into the past and nit acid goes deeper into the person. What does ‘person’ mean here, are you talking about the physical body symptoms.

  2. so the past is how the individual has dealt with things or been subject to things. the word person does refer mainly to the physical manifestation but can also be there emotional position, NIT AC is unforgiving and this shows physically in wounds taking longer to heal, you are right to pick up this nuance the ambiguity is so that it cam apply both to the physical and the emotional whereas in THUJA its about personal journey both already taken and yet to come

  3. Thank you for this thorough, most helpful explanation I have found of Thuja! I’m taking it currently in the day and Carcinosin at night per my ND prescription.

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