Internet consultations

“I offer homeopathic consultations via the net. I find that a combination of email, telephone and Zoom or FaceTime or WhatsApp works very well for most clients.

STEP 1: send me an email outlining your problem as you see it.

STEP 2: I will reply by email asking questions that will clarify the case for me.

STEP 3: Having read your reply I will then contact you suggesting a time for telephone/SKYPE consultation.

STEP 4: The telephone/Zoom consultation will usually take around 45 mins to 1 hour. During this time I will put together a case history, both medical and of significant events, and decide on your prescription based on all of the information you have provided.  I will also discuss how you will receive the prescription and make arrangements for payment.

STEP 5: I will email you with the prescription and send you an invoice with payment details


Consultation £60

I can also send remedies worldwide and the charge is an extra £16 per package i.e. per consultation. If you require special delivery (e.g. Royal Mail “signed for” or Airsure) then the cost may be slightly more (usually £20).

Sending remedies in UK is charged at £10.