The Endocrine System, the Chakras and Homeopathy Len Marlow June 1, 2018

This lecture is based on the work of Martin Miles. Martin Miles would prescribe support remedies and remedies for the state of the client but would also see a need to prescribe on the space in which that person is existing. Here he particularly turned to the new age remedies. He was never insistent on how to prescribe these remedies but would suggest prescribing in threes.


Pituitary gland and Thymus gland most used by Len Marlow. Thyroidinum also. Used to unlock difficult cases. Endocrine glands are remedies of the soul’s transmutation.

Whenever a hormonal imbalance is present it is necessary to consider the entire endocrine system. The endocrine glands are not stand-alone producers of hormones but an intricately linked and balanced system. If one endocrine gland seems to be malfunctioning you can assume adjacent glands will also be affected, even though there will often be one dominant centre.

Homeopathy has a direct influence on these centres, and hence influences the endocrine glands.

So it is good to be as conscious as possible about them. A person exists on many levels and is connected to everything, there are no limits to the arena in which homeopathy can work.

A true understanding of the endocrine system dates back to early Hindu teaching through the system of chakras. Much of this knowledge is 5,000 years old and came from Atlantis – a lot of communication with other centres of knowledge such as Egypt, China and Druidic communities (standing stone circles)

The understanding of the Chakras is Atlantean knowledge.


The Seven Chakras and associated Endocrine Glands
Sahasrana Crown Chakra 7th Chakra Pineal gland
Ajna Eye/Brow Chakra 6th Chakra Pituitary gland
Vissudha Throat Chakra 5th Chakra Thyroid gland
Anahata Heart Chakra 4th Chakra Thymus gland
Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra 3rd Chakra Adrenal glands
Swadhisthana Sacral Chakra 2nd Chakra Ovaries and Prostate glands
Muladhara Root/Base Chakra 1st Chakra





Muladhara, meaning root or support

We came from the garden of paradise. Thrown out for offending the father and it is in this Chakra that we learn the lessens of that past fall from grace. It is the start of our wordly journey, it is where we work out what our karma means.

The house of PSORA

The centre resonates with the GONADS

Calc carb is a fundamental remedy of this chakra.

Martin Miles saw this chakra as YELLOW, although in the conventional Hindu system it is RED

Ruled by Saturn the hard father – always puts you back with out telling you what you should do. Cycles of Saturn come in 27/8 years.

Important ages are to see what happens at age 28, 56 etc

So for example if treating symptoms of menopause it’s not really enough simply to treat the physical symptoms, need also to consider the mental and emotional symptoms too.

The changes come in life much earlier. Menopause really starts when stop having babies. Perhaps it starts with the commitment in a relationship. Saturn return is significant for men and women. So in late 40’s, early 50’s it’s around 28 you look to for mental and emotion stuff – what went wrong then, what did or didn’t they do and learn at age 28, what dreams did the fail to follow, look at the other paths not taken.

Also note that the age 6/7 for children- games they play then are what they want to do/life style. If they spend time lining up and looking after their dolls, they need to work caring for people etc.

At 28 is when they take the wrong or right path. It’s the anchor that ties us to the ground but holds us back. Try and find where they are oscillating.

Look at the generative glands

It’s all the “doing stuff” – good and bad.

Smoking excess cannabis is base chakra.

Cannabis breaks down the time space continuum. So very little difference between god and man, and not wanting to be here- want to commit suicide.

Affinity for using CBD as medication. However we are carnate and exist in time and space and need to function. So CBD is medicinal but not curative. It is a tainted medicine.

Also part of that antagonism with disease ‘fighting cancer’, ‘battle with disease’ as if the only onus is to be alive. Fear is not that life should come to an end but rather should not have a beginning.


All cancer is reflected in the base chakra since it’s about roots. Cancer is at the level of the base chakra so most important thing is to validate the sacral chakra (so compliment them on their looks etc.). If you have cancer dress well when you go to hospital, it makes a difference but it is also invoking the sacral chakra. Sex and its associated emotions is important, the sacral chakra is a reflection of the creative chakras in the upper house, the brow chakra and to some extent the throat chakra. So looking good is an expression and expression and creativity is good in accessing cancer.


If treating a person with cancer and they start to have sexual thoughts (interested in appearance or sex generally) this is a curative step.


If you want to purge chakras you bring white light down through the body and wash it through the chakras. You can do this by visualization. The cancer source will often appear black. Raven (corv-c) is a remedy that “pecks” at the black cancer, starts the process of digging the cancer out.


Base is where shit comes out and attaches us to the ground – as human as it can be



Svadhisthana meaning sweetness



Nit-ac, Cantharis, Thuja, Medorrhinum



Each chakra reflected in upper part of body, so this chakra has links with thyroid. Thyroid centre is where we express from- so can see why it is connected with the sacral centre.

This is the centre of the Laughing Buddha and is ruled by Jupiter (Jove and jovial)

Humour, expansiveness, success, generosity but can get stuck so expansion can be waistline or bank balance

Sexual dysfunctions.

Pelvic infectionary diseases

Thymus gland 6 as a remedy is very good for drainage here, also given repeatedly v good for prostate cancer, thyroid gland 6 for female cancers



Manipura or lustrous gem




Arsenicum, Chelidonium, Lycopodium, Ignatia, Arg Nit, Yellow, Carduus Marianus, Podophyllum, Sanguinaria, Thlaspi, Myrica, Ceanothus, China, Conium, Solidago, Adrenal Gland, Sepia, Hydrastis Cholesterinum, Lobelia, Kali Phos

Ruled by Mars the war bringer

This is what runs our society, the warrior archetype

People you see on TV – many Nux Vomica archetypes

Thought is reactive will – just comes from livers not brains. Act before the thought has been processed. All liver energy

Throat chakra is governed by Venus so got a connection here too via Mars/Venus



Anahata or unstruck



Natrum Mur (and the other salts especially Winchelsea),

Syphilinum Syphyllis represents the age of the mask- all is hidden




China Craetagus and Cactus as support remedy






Rose Quartz – VDU screens (radiation into heart chakra)

The remedy most associated with the heart and thymus gland is NATRUM MUR. It’s interesting that the syphilitic miasm looks like NATRUM MURIATICUM, because NATRUM MURIATICUM is the

principal remedy for the Heart Centre.

The Victorian age was the age of syphilis, with the masked balls, hiding behind a mask. In that way it is hard to differentiate between NATRUM MUR and SYPHILINUM. One builds walls and hides away, the other hides behind a mask. Both are indicated at this centre and understanding the timing of the individual’s healing process is helped by understanding the processes of this centre.



It is our centre of gravity and is the true point of change, it links the base chakras with the higher centres and also is the middle of time – carries the past towards the future. A lot of the drugs we take are intent on destroying this centre.


Healing often starts through the base chakra, once this is liberated wait for the heart chakra to engage and that is when the change is going to happen.

We think our brains are what stores emotional and mental symptoms but is far more likely the heart is a store of past emotions. Colin Griffiths refers to the Thymus Gland as the black box recorder of past emotional events – both from this lifetime and beyond.

We could consider the heart to be the true brain.

The Thymus Gland is the endocrine gland associated with the heart chakra.


Warmth and generosity


Blushing is heart chakra.

Devotion and loyalty



The thymus gland grows rapidly until 2 y.o., then more slowly, and at puberty begins to regress. In adult life it is only a rudiment. Regression starts earlier in females than males.

It is claimed that the thymus lost its value for man and mammals when their ancestors began to incubate their eggs within their body and ceased laying them. That was the original function of the thymus gland. Pigeons, whose thymus glands have been removed, lay eggs without shells but if fed thymus lay normal eggs plus shells.

The thymus has been called the gland of precocity. It has also been named the gland of eternal youth, for its failure to regress at the proper time inhibits the maturing of the body.

When thymus is fed to a tadpole it remains a tadpole – it doesn’t metamorphose into a frog. In a book by Williams and Hogue “Our Fear Complexes”it is stated that out of twenty executed criminals, all had persistent thymus glands.

This centre, the thymus gland and the heart chakra, is the centre of true rebirth from ordinary dull humanity to seership. It is blocked in virtually everybody. The ingredient that compounds this situation is inoculation.

Thymus Gland is really useful in middle age cases – the transformation stage. People who are looking for transformation, or stuck with their transformation.

In our modern society which is not heart based we are already at a loss. Need to give much Thymus Gland where people struggle. Trying to bring spiritual energy into the body. Thymus Gland helps to bring energies from the higher centres down to the centres below the heart chakra.

So the heart harnesses the three lower centres in service of the higher centres. We set out to harness god and the higher centres to service the lower centres.


Martin Miles talked many times of “remedies in threes” and I have observed how THYMUS GLAND is followed by THUJA, which in turn is followed by TUBERCULINUM. Depending on the case, these remedies may appear in this pattern with inter-current may be given to open the brow centre followed by THYMUS GLAND 30 for the heart and then the individual’s remedy.

The remedies may be given over months, may be given on consecutive days or even in one day. Potencies may ascend (THYMUS GLAND 30, THUJA 200 and TUBERCULINUM 1M) or descend. The pace and needs of the case will dictate.

Therapeutically in chemotherapy AYAHUASCA 10M, SYPHILINUM and THYMUS GLAND (individually or combined) reduce sickness and nausea.

So what order do you prescribe in? If you prescribe in the right order, you get a better job done. If wrong, it works but it doesn’t clear properly. Use medium potencies – 30’s – they are repeatable. The only way to clear the Thymus centre of its syphilitic-tubercular miasm is over a long period of time using 30’s, medium potencies. You have to use your intuition. There’s no set time gaps, information, special books to read – no one to tell you – you have to work it out for yourself.



Tigers eye – for people that have misused sexual energies – suppressed the fact that they are gay or change sex, prostitution. With Tygers eye give Thymus gland and follow with Tuberculinum when creativity starts, or is about to. Tygers eye is replaced by Sycamore where the disconnect is from spirit – descent of spirit (no taint – Tygers eye has the taint). The descent, think of the sycamore seed twizzling down to the ground.


Combination remedy of Ignatia Tygers eye and Tuberculinum was a classic Martin Miles prescription which has action on the Heart Chakra. Winchelsea Sea Salt is an equivalent remedy – works on Thymus. Winchelsea is a major improvement on Natrum mur. Pollution cuts us off from source and adds to the veil.



Vishudha or purification


Venus, Goddess Aphrodite


Higher creative centre where speech comes from.

Creatives. Able to see beauty in everyone.

Warmth energy and courage

Associated with hearing, sound

Music in itself is part of the change that is ongoing.






Nat Mur



The passion of Mars becomes the compassion of Venus


Look for recurrent sore throats

ENT conditions in children.

IF children too suppressed they likely go down to the reflected chakra which is the solar plexus

Liver – not sleeping, strange cravings

Kidney/adrenal = sexual abuse

Getting bullied, being a bully



Ajna or to perceive, to know





Calc carb




Bellis acts like sunshine on this gland


Pituitary works in harmony with the heart centre and thymus


One of the two centres in the head. The seat of the mind. The master gland of all glands, blueprint of all you have been and all you will be. Your destiny is here, all diseases enter the physical body through this centre.

To Hindus it is Ajna, the two petalled lotus, and Shiva lives here. In the West, Mercury lives here, the communicator, Hermes, the messenger of the gods.

The realm of thought and reason. It is at this point that you are able to make contact with your spirit and its requirements through focusing the mind. That still small voice in the background that

no-one takes notice of. The conductor of the orchestra.

Delusion is going insane = ant pituitary

Afflictions result in loss of memory. If this gland and the pineal gland function as they should they will

resist all disease – including cancer. It is at this centre that you have control over yourself. You can

decide to be happy, optimistic and sunny and reach goals without failing or be miserable and

depressed and resentful. This is at the point of choice. If happy and optimistic the body is not so

subject to disease.



Over-secretion – accompanied by intense living, like Arsenicum when well (live fast, intensively, cover a lot more ground than other people in the same time). Courage, initiative and forcefulness of character. The centre of idealism and truth. Often find people who are idealistic or altruistic are highly motivated, have the courage of their own convictions and forethought. Arsenicum has more forethought than anyone else – that’s when talking about the general run of humanity.

Under-activity produces lassitude, timidity and failure. So – the pituitary is the success centre.

Inability to maintain effort is a sign of insufficiency of this gland. So, if you can’t sustain the effort required to do something, to realise the conclusion of a task, you’ve got a problem here. Butterfly brain, flit, phosphorous-like, enthusiasms here and there which die out. Leaving life cluttered with unfinished tasks. (A Calc-Carb would never have got started at all!)


Prolactin bigger influence then Oestrogen or Progesterone and is generated here, it’s the governor hormone of these other two.

Some patients have no symptoms – withheld or give little away, not in their body or don’t know who they are – CARCINOSIN 50M, after one week principal miasm appears and this is what needs to be treated. Prescribe the miasm and the remedy picture will ensue.

Dementia cases possibly (trying to leave through pituitary rather than arrive through it)

Victims of torture


One of the tendencies of this gland is to be dozy, slow, sweaty and put on weight.





influences growth and reproductive organs, and has much to do with the calcium metabolism, bone formation and production of teeth.


It also affects the thyroid gland, the adrenal cortex and the islet tissues in the pancreas.




  • Raises blood pressure
  • Stimulates muscles
  • Stimulates digestion
  • Regulates water flow from the kidneys

Associated more with sycosis – NATRUM SULPH, MEDORRHINUM, THUJA – governs water going to

kidneys and peristalsis in alimentary canal. Disabilities with heart and kidneys that are to do with fluids tend to be sycotic – it is a watery miasm.


Over-activity of the posterior lobe


Overgrowth and early sexual maturity

Rapid and debilitating growth, pituitary giants, PHOSPHOROUS and PHOSPHORIC ACID

(pituitary dwarfs, pituitary eunuchs produced by under-activity) CALC CARB, BARYTA CARB

Adult Over-activity:

Acromegaly -Bones grow at their extremities, skin thickened, head too large for body, facial changes,

jaw becomes heavy

Under-activity: produces the opposite. They put on a lot of fat, inversion of sexual function,

drowsiness, dry skin, hair loss, mentally dull. CALC CARB



Syphilitic – link between thought and action – OPIUM, HELLIBORUS, BUFO

So destruction in people takes place in the cleft. SYPHILINUM is the first remedy to heal link. You have to perceive the intention, as patient reports nothing. All divulged from the detail. Patients indulge in self-destruction and self-denial and are non co-operative, e.g. sweet and sugar binges or too much alcohol. All drugs only act to delay karma, they have to go there in the end. Forces around patient  which are intended to see patient fail – (you should) continue to work to see they succeed.



This centre records your dreams. If you don’t remember them the centre is blocked. It is the centre to which we retreat – our inner cave where we seek solace. Children live here and observe and assimilate. We retreat here after shock and trauma. Any trauma, especially in childhood, will cause us to retreat into this cave for safety. As a result the thyroid, thymus and sex glands go out of balance. Growth and development becomes diffused and ineffective. The base chakra becomes completely lost.

OPIUM ACONITE STRAMONIUM combination- so not judging what is the trauma. We are all

equipped to deal with the first trauma but it’s the second trauma when you still have not recovered

from the first trauma that causes the damage.


In the cleft, hidden from view in the periodic table – Lanthanides have that aspect almost like a hidden replica of the periodic table – shows growth within growth or lack of growth

Biggest use for lanthanides is where you are stuck in life where there is nothing wrong overall but life will not move however many times you see the homeopath, give weekly – see separte lecture under study pages.





Fibroids are result of problems in the pituitary.

TUBERCULINUM and MEDORRHINUM – keep to 30 and repeat over long period of time:


CALCAREA CARBONICA very useful. Prescribe 10M and repeat four times a year.

Heavy periods and bits of tissue come away.

FOLLICULINUM if a chemical reason NBWS since Birth ControlPill or mother been on Pill


Connection with throat centre: what you think is what you speak. THUJA is indicated here.

Remedies made from flowers (like the brain at the end of the spine – a blossom on a stalk). Particularly orange flowers –  CALENDULA and LILIUM TIGRINUM. COMPOSITAE have an affinity for the forehead.

(Therapeutic:) BELLIS PERENNIS (10M) used to induce pregnancy.

Works in unison with the thyroid and thymus glands and the heart centre.

  • Thyroid more in women – leads to fibroids
  • Thymus more in men – leads to heart disease and prostate problems later in life.

Working on one helps the others as well as itself.

Use THYROID GLAND 3x in women and THYMUS GLAND 6x or 3x in men to cleanse from inoculation.

Do not give thyroid to a pregnant woman. THYROID GLAND is useful in old age (again low potencies or even LM).






Sahasrara, or Thousandfold


The pineal gland secretes melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin is directly related to seasonal changes which the body undergoes as a result of the changing patterns of sunlight. There is an increase in melatonin in the body as a result of decreased or absence of light (i.e. in the winter or at night while asleep). The subject succumbs to drowsiness. There are also longer-term effects of melatonin, which are related to sexual maturation.

Serotonin, on the other hand, is a neurotransmitter, which is stored in the synapses of the nerves and has its greatest concentration within the pineal gland. It is associated with mood swings, depression and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDs).

Disease mainly enters through the pituitary gland (Sycotic and Syphilitic miasmatic disease can enter through the generative zone).



Children and childhood diseases. We know it’s good for them to have these diseases, That they throw off their miasms’ with these diseases. If the child is inoculated and still has these diseases, they don’t fully release it. After the child has the disease, give the nosode of the miasm that belonged to the disease – not the nosode of the disease itself:

  • Cancer whooping cough, glandular fever
  • Syphilis chicken pox, scarlet fever
  • Sycosis mumps
  • Psora measles

Heavy catarrh, glue ear, tonsillitis, continuous colds, flus, weakness are due to inoculations and the tubercular miasm (also syphilitic because this is hidden). You have to use your intuition.

Note: From this work with Martin I have found that inoculation pushes the child into the sycotic miasm, which has the nature of fixed ideas and rigidity. So sycotic remedies are first needed and then there is a move towards tubercular remedies. This supports the work Sheila Creasey[9] did on tuberculinum that suggested that THUJA often precedes any prescription of TUBERCULINUM.

Vaccination takes away for all the potential that expressing that miasm would have.

No difference between a GP and drug dealer at this level they both push drugs.

[A bit like the birth control pill- it stops life – so 2nd generation is getting infertile.]

Martin Miles inoculation rx’s are very helpful. Not possible to wipe the slate clean with a couple of remedies at the time.   Need constitutional tx for some years

In a recently vaccinated child (i.e. within the last few days) SILICA 10M is very helpful. The child will be ill for 7-10 days. Another helpful prescription can be THYMUS GLAND 6x, for 10 days, followed by the constitutional remedy(individually selected).

THYMUS GLAND 6x is also useful for longer term vaccinosis and can be used by adults – any

age, any time – although the gland itself almost completely shuts down at adolescence. Inoculation compounds the tubercular miasm. It is one of the reason (inoculated) tubercular patients are difficult to treat – you have to “hit ‘em hard” with remedies to get a reaction.


All IVF babies need Silica, and Thyroid gland is about development.



Thymus Gland can be very helpful in autism cases to keep the energies up.

If working with autism you’re far more complementary.

LM uses Thyroid gland 30 but might benefit more from Thyroid gland 6 more regularly


Nosode rx, DPT or MMR                                                                                  Monday

Fundamental rx                                                                                                 Wednesday

Bowel nosode (Gaertner, Proteus or Sy Co)                                                  Friday

Thynus gland 30 (as a gland support)                                                             All other days

Very good for managing autism rather than ‘curing’

I use this method of triad prescribing for all difficult cases



Lycopodium people make plans that never happen


Anacardium nux vomica and hura in same family – anacardium child because of nux mother and father absent is hura – is a negative triangle that needs to be broken.


Chocolate is about weaning; all Lacs are about connectivity, chocolate has a connection with the lac rx’s. Chocolate is about separation and moving on. Not cutting ties like carcinosin but how we wean. Is weaning in life- how leave a job or relationship etc.

Stimulates communication senses oxytocin in autism




Crippling Grief which binds us to that person who has died, allowing neither soul to progress – NATRUM MUR,IGNATIA, SYPHILINUM, THYMUS GLAND.

Certain remedies might be given to ‘wipe out’ karma – in particular the nosodes.


Childhood Diseases and their correspondences:

Mumps                                                 Sycosis

Chicken Pox/Shingles                           Syphilinum      (may often be manifested after child has                                                                                   received Tuberculinum)

Measles                                                Psora

Whooping Cough                                 Tubercular        (often after Pertussin vacc will have a chronic                                                                             cough + + mucous +/- vomit no whoop)


Increase in chronic catarrh seen after DPT



An expression of fluid balance within the body, can become imbalanced after powerful emotions such as grief and shock. NATRUM MUR the great water balancer. Has dryness, thirst, oedema and trauma resulting in damage to heart and kidneys. Closed attitude, inability to forgive, secretive.



Liver, Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas together form the area of direct feelings. The area of passion and desires. All emotions are registered in the liver – if unexpressed or suppressed the liver can become congested – hepatitis, biliousness, catarrh, coryza, food aggravations, gastroenteritis etc.

Liver directly influences energy all over body including brain – so ability to concentrate and have good cognitive function is directly related to the condition of the liver and spleen.If too much concentration then this will reduce energy in liver and spleen so need physical activity.

Since liver affects blood and energy hence it will affect menses – headaches, conjunctivitis, bloatedness, biliousness etc during menses suggest congested liver energy.

Diseases of liver often afflict those who are emotionally vulnerable. (pus, catarrh, hepatitis, jaundice)

Strong emotions and their suppression also affect spleen –‘vent your spleen’. Excess anger or suppression of anger can affect WBC and can ultimately lead to leukaemia.

Liver when congested overspills into joints – stiffness of joints, muscles (inc heart mm) and fibrous tissue eg Gout. If gout suppressed will lead to cancer. Acupuncture point assoc with liver begins in right big toe.

Congested liver results in ++catarrh. Foods such as dairy and bananas may aggravate further by congesting the liver.

A good homeopathic remedy can result in increased catarrh as the body frees itself of stagnant energy.

With patients suffering from cancer it is always necessary to decongest and detox the liver.

Flu is a disease of anxiety and it weakens the liver, the aching joints are the liver’s attempt to free itself of toxicity.



CNS is like the tree of life and together with the mind is what is being developed in our quest for greater consciousness. During meditation the mind is quietened so that the pituitary gland can receive information from the soul.

The spinal column is an energy conductor and when made available with full consciousness the spirit can move down – increasing the alignment between body, mind and spirit.

The CNS pertains to the higher mind and capacity for creative thought w/as the SNS represents the unconscious or habitual. It incorporates the endocrine glands and 7 major nerve ganglia and hence the chakras. The SNS is the realm of personality and emotions – whereby our emotional reactions and attitudes activate the endocrine glands. Habitual activity is imprinted on the vital body via the SNS. Negative emotions destroy energy, joy and laughter create it – so the most important lessons in life are to enjoy it and to learn to love.

It is the polarity between CNS and SNS – between the higher self and the system expressing our lower self and the resulting antagonism between the two which serves to develop consciousness in man.

In the repertory many of the rubrics which pertain to MIND are actually emotional states , it is the understanding, memory and intellectual capacity which are really of the mind.

Activation of the higher mind requires an open heart centre which is freely expressing love and compassion. A positive heart centre gives stability, power and nobility. The alternative is to be either arrogant and domineering, or impulsive and rash- such a person is likely to suffer from defective heart function and poor circulation. The heart centre is the point of change within the chakra system. NATRUM MUR is the main remedy, others being TUBERCULINUM, SYPHILINUM and AURUM. Nat mur typifies the blocked heart centre, and will be needed in high potency, also likely IGNATIA- may be used in low potency concurrently as a drainage for the heart and lungs.

The worst block to the heart centre is through inoculation. Use of TG 6x over a long period of time and a dose of high potency NAT MUR can be helpful.






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  1. Goodness am astonished at the breadth and depth of your knowledge
    len Marlow.
    Am so thrilled reading your articles on homeopathy. Gives me optimism for the future of the human race. I live about two hours north of Sydney, Australia, I was researching Thuja and its ‘ picture’ and you point out its correlation with the heart chakra and lo and behold came across your articles .Am immensely grateful to you and the internet,

    • Hi Lyra thank you for your kind comments I will be setting up a two weekly zoom session in a few months. I did this throughout COVID as my “bit” for the homeopathic community but intend to reset it up for homeopaths, students and other practitioners with an interest in homeopathy. Usually run for a hour and a bit depending on how chatty people are and consists of a talk on a remedy or tow followed by discussion. Sometimes I deliver and sometimes someone else from group delivers. During Covid it was free but when I come back will charge a nominal amount. If you are interested (not necessarily committed) drop me an email and will keep you informed. Also if its not happening you can pester me to do it through this email. The sessions before were at 5 or 6pm UK time so for NZ and OZ would probably move that to 7.00 pm and on a weekday

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