A person under threat for beliefs they hold dear. Threatened because of who they are. A need for sanctuary, a need for space to regroup, reconsider and transform. The need for a watchful eye to protect them in their journey. Emerald is that watchful eye, it is that place of sanctuary from where they have been or where they may have to go.

This could be a woman living in a violent or stifling relationship, or just the wrong partner and duty or social pressures trap them. Emerald gives that space in which true choice can be made. An Emerald was placed around the waist of a pregnant women in ancient Egypt to facilitate an easy birth. Negatively the person may be envious of others who have made changes or done better and fails to see that the person has probably done the work to reconcile past traumas. Resentment and bitterness from events deep in the past, unable to forgive.

Emerald is the primeval urge to express, be creative and to transform.

Green is colour of growth and the Emerald was the stone of Isis. So this is often a spiritual transition, and can be a route to acceptance and servitude more than an escape to try again (and fail again). Equally after a time of sanctuary the person, more strengthened, may break free of the influence of past traumas by taking themselves away from the situation permanently.

In a student group proving there were references to conquistadors, being trapped by these soldiers on horseback, rearing up and threatening and then being whisked away to a place of sanctuary.

Images of cats recurred. Emeralds are found in South America (plundered by the conquistadors) and in Egypt (the cat goddess (Bast) guards the crossing of the river Styx to the other world and the cat goddess has emerald eyes). Suggesting that Emerald has influence over how we see things, this might be strongly held beliefs that get us into trouble or physical issues with vision.
HEART CHAKRA Rx – encourages the person to verbalise underlying grief.
Rx that follow well Nat. Mur, Aurum, Lachesis, Oak, Staph or White Chestnut and Causticum
Repeatable and immediate – prescribe alongside other remedies helps the other remedies hold – Carbo-v, Arsenicum Alb, all the snake poisons, Staph and Phos
Allows the person to speak the truth – sometimes people speak truth and don’t know it.
Calm the nervous system in debility and exhaustion
Useful in all kinds of mental illness – Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, senility, M.E. and after strokes or brain injuries – madness
Cases beyond redemption. They have been wounded.
REDEMPTION and SANCTUARY, being drawn up and protected
Heal all kinds of damage to Heart Centre cf NAT-M AUR – especially bad things coming from father/grandfather. Affects heart and throat. Abuse or suppression through patriarch. May have been used to hide the inadequacies of others.
Too much ego or not enough – arrogant and haughty – gives humility or helps someone with lack of confidence. Fear they are not good enough and hide their own light – Helps self-acceptance – fulfill oneself. Helps lack of ideals – lost dreams.
Indecision or jealousy, as well as warmth and love.
People who misinterpret what is said to them (wounded ego).
Lack of moral judgment – use in same way as Hahnemann used SULPHUR
Heart disease now more common and not just down to diet, it is so important to try and clear the heart, then we can prescribe classically. Heart chakra is full of syphilis and vaccination. SYPHILLINUM works best combined with PLUTONIUM or AYAHUASCA. Or Emerald follows well after Ayahuasca, Oak and Sequoia.
Rx is close to Goldfish (Carassius Auratus).
Tachycardia, ectopic heartbeats and fibrillations. Pressure in chest.
Angina, as a tonic when other remedies fail
L sided strokes. Epilepsy
Heart tonic Emerald 6x Kali mur 6x Crateagus 6x
Radiation tonic Rad. Brom. + Caesium + Strontium Carb. + Emerald 30c
works well on earth signs – Taurus Virgo and Capricorn
Enables underdeveloped people to develop themselves
Enhances intuition, calms a troubled mind
Picks at clothes twitches grimaces brain damage – HYOS
Difficult breathing < night
Sneezing and laughing makes eyes water
Weeping at night, < night, more joyful in day
Glaucoma and cataracts.

Dental extractions: Emerald 30 before, followed by Hypericum 6 afterwards

Needs to blow nose but little mucous
Lump in throat. Indigestion with trapped wind in chest
+ limes and bitter fruit, allergic peanuts
Cold extremities, or cold legs and feet and warm hands and arms
Coming off HRT re-balances organs (often with THYMUS GLAND low potency to drain)
Use it with TIGERS EYE and RAINBOW
Safe in pregnancy helps a smooth delivery, gets violence out of birth  (history violence in past)
Cancers of those who never speak feelings. Can be more useful than Carcinosin in treating the pathology: esp. for cancer of the internal organs – can be given in 30c or higher once a week. Throat and genital cancer.
Works on Heart Chakra -bit like NAT-MUR much softer. better in this respect than Carcinosen
good Rx after RADIATION especially in children and unborn
Releases the Syphilitc miasm – centres on the heart and the thymus gland
Releasing petrochemical miasm
Increases power of other radiation Rx e.g. helps RAD BROM
Plutonium and Emerald once a year to clear out radiation
spark of life back into person – makes people more open hearted
works well with trauma remedies
A death Rx – and the transformation that it brings

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  1. Thanks so much for this. A group of our alumni from the Hahnemann College have committed to doing provings of all the precious and many of the semi-precious gemstones. Thank you for illuminating the path for us as I will share your groups findings with our participants, once all the provers have finished their write-ups. Kindly, Allyson

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  3. Heart tonic Emerald 6x Kali mur 6x Crateagus 6x….please suggest if this is a combination and also how to administer I.e. TDs,BD, OD etc.

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