China Officinalis

“The man who fell to Earth”

In this film an alien is sent to earth to find water for his dying planet. He has great plans but is caught and persecuted and eventually becomes trapped here with no hope of returning to his planet.

They have another world they would rather be in. Like a child in a new school, not coping with the new order, not fitting in. They have a task they have to undertake in the world like the Arachnae legend.

DEL Hindered at work SS
DEL He is persecuted
DEL That he is tormented

CHINA has two components
1. The acute state (Fear of dogs, < loss of fluids)
2. The fixed ideas, persecuted, hindered, given to making plans but not executing them.
A remedy of BAD LUCK.

These people are highly strung. They may not present with the prostration. There is an aversion to being touched but they are better for firm pressure. Nervous complaints: syatica, neuralgia. Avoids superficial contact but responds to genuine friendship. Friends are important. There is a loyalty, stick with one practitioner.

The sensitivity means they are often artists, the poet. They have a refined sense of beauty. Strongly opinionated, the timidity they show is not really them. They feel someone is behind them (MED, THUJA), the world is an unfriendly place but they are not paranoid as in STRAM or ANAC.

REFINED tastes but equally sensitive to smell, colour and tastes. The books say they like dainties. These people live in the delicatessen. ++choc +salt. Their digestion is slow and they get bloated. Distension and pain around diaphragm (LYC lower down). They get hungry at night (LYC PSOR).

< fish < chamomile tea
< coffee they are already stimulated
Stomach upsets << milk << tea << fruit, tea gives bitter eructations
Can be full all the time or hungry without appetite
Food tastes salty, bitter taste in mouth (ACON everything except water tastes bitter)

MENSES distension with menses and they are <flow. The flow can be gushing. Exhaustion after periods.

With the exhaustion there is facial pallor.

Go into a collapsed state. No peace inside, wasting diseases, exhausting diseases. Hot sweats in menopause, haemorrhage in menopause. In this depleted state words fail them. Once they were strong now they are weak. Affected by other people’s comments.

CHINA is a remedy for Malaria: Sudden onset of fever with chills followed by a quiet phase. Feverish with drenching night sweats. (SIL THUJA TUB). Chill followed by heat followed by thirst. Pains in the scapula.

Sankaran describes CHINA as the remedy of the Malaria Miasm, between the acute and the sycotic – complaints come in attacks: eg asthma at 2-3 am severe and restless, feel they will not survive, the idea of being harassed and not able to let it out, only in bursts when things get too much and then with great weakness.NB ARS shares these asthmatic symptoms and shares the +sour, fruit and spices so it is worth looking at CHINA-ARS in these cases (CHINA-ARS AV to being disturbed and periodic attacks with great prostration MM) CHINA-ARS is < eggs like FERR-MET.

Sensitive to the sun, hair sensitive, sensitive to noise, music, cold.

Vertigo particularly after fluid loss. Tinitus, Meniere’s disease (esp CHINA SAL, CHINA-SULPH) NBWS malaria tablets.
Nausea in cloudy weather

PERIODICITY complaints every 2 weeks, 3 months, autumnal

DREAMS: Frequent, vomiting live worms, confused dreams that continue to produce agitation after waking, falling from heights, disputes over money, suicidal but in reality they don’t have courage to do it (It is a liver remedy and is in RUB cowardice). Dreams of being stabbed or cut, disputes about money SS, visionary, death of relatives, vomiting worms SS, fishing swimming, the sea,water.

DEL head cut off. In RUB builds castles in the air. They have dreams, they theorise.
Indolence, loathing of life, inclination to sit, reproaches others, weary of life, aversion to mental work, dwells on past disagreeable experiences. There is a stuckness and the acute state tries and fails to release.

FEARS: Dogs, animals, evil, on waking from a dream, ghosts, knifes, of people, rags. They don’t have fear of insects but have av. to creepy things. There refined nature means they are not comfortable with separation from the animal. Their problems are around the diaphragm which separates emotions from the animal (digestion). There is a disgust (hence fear of rags) they would not like rats or ants. They are of the earth but not from it, again this idea of an alien. Not essentially spiritual, stuck in this world.

They draw outlines, like stencils, children drawing on misty windows occurs in autistic cases.

This remedy is particularly useful in treating Autism especially where the loss of bodily fluids is a strong predisposing factor.