Adamas – diamond

The Greek word “adamas” means “unyielding, invincible.” Lines are more clearly drawn than in other carbons. Rigidity. Diamonds are called “ice”. Diamonds sparkle, appear unmarked by attack. The surface is hard.

The individual can need to shine, to sparkle, to stand out. A need for there to be clear lines to define them (black and white like PLATINA). They have become hard and can stand great pressure but under pressure they can also shatter and expire. Marylin Munroe sang, “Diamonds are a girls best friend”. They are cold people (diamonds are often called ice). In the clinic you may see the little girl or boy, lost in the world or shattered by their past (Happy birthday Mr. President). They may be tormented by “sharpness” be that sharp cutting remarks that cannot be forgotten, or sharp pains almost anywhere, or their sharp intellect. They may be presenting with the loss of this sharpness.

MIND: Impatient; intolerant; SHARP and brusque; critical. “I can’t be pleased.” “Everything was irritating me; words and motions.” “Needed to assert myself and pick on someone who I neither know nor respect.”

SPARKLE. scintillating and vivacious. Delusions he sparkles. Feel sparkly or sluggish. Really dazzling. One prover said, “White frost this morning. At last some purity in this world. Every ice crystal sparkled like jewels.” Sparkling pains, changing and moving constantly, like a sharp angle all over body with sharp points. Words that connect with crystals. Stars seem more visible.

Clear minded, perfectionistic. Demanding high quality from themselves, from others and from life. The clarity and hardness of diamond suggests clear penetrating (like a drill), analytical mentality.

Mind feels cloudy. Feels separated and detached. Indecision. Does not stick to one decision. Forgetful. Weak memory. Poor concentration. Fumbles in speech with difficulty in getting at certain well-known words. Makes mistakes in speaking. Spelling mistakes. Mixing up words. Mistakes in speech. Slurred speech.

Feel powerful

Averse company ameliorated alone.

CLOUDY OR CLARITY: can see more clearly. Stars seem more visible. Head in a paper bag.

Anxiety about health. breast cancer; TB; pneumonia; wasting disease

delusion prematurely aging. Lost youthful bounce.

Fear of driving in a car, obsessed with crashing and accidents and death

ORDER STRUCTURE: need to put house in order. Feel like a square without corners.

Two/Four. They will describe things in relation to these numbers and reflects the atomic structure. This reflects the structure of the Carbon atom with two pairs of electrons in its outer orbit and needing a further two pairs of electrons to be stable.

“Feels like I’m going one step forward and two steps back.”

“Delusion that I can see four sides, as if four faces.”

“Delusion; I have two pairs of hands.”

“Delusion; I have two pairs of arms.”

“Feels like doing two things at once all the time

Two things going on at same time: Attraction – Repulsion, Positive – Negative,

POWERFUL – POWERLESS. Ambitious Delusions of wealth, Dictatorial, love of power. Delusion is a prince.

Rushed, so much to do. Overwhelmed. Relaxed, not rushing around tidying as usual.

Loquacity and taciturn.

Feels separated from friends.

DREAMS: betrayal by friend, animals, fishes, being watched, pursued. In the proving one dreamed of an earthquake. Another dreamed of a glass house which had en-caged in it a black monkey like creature, who broke out of the cage and became a white giant who pursued the dreamer to the edge of a chasm (suggestive of a quantum leap in evolution, from black to clear)

Escapes, wants to leave partner and children, to leave home, could stab husband. Homesickness. Indifference to welfare of others. Detached while making love.

Sensitivity increased, colours, noise, touch.

Detached, observer, direct with friends and people.

Remorse: repents quickly. Trifles seem important.

Furious cold anger when money was stolen from me.

Censorious, critical, quarrelsomeness, scolding

Trapped, independence.

Needs air better outdoors

CHILLINESS, ice cold deep down in bones or unusually hot

Cloudy days aggravate, sunshine ameliorates.

ABDOMEN – Bloated abdomen. Much smelly, nausea-inducing flatulence. Muscles aches, worse cough, worse movement. Shooting pains in lower abdomen in the evening. Needle like cutting pains.

BACK – Chilliness down the back. Backache better heat of bath. Lying down >. Low back pain. Sharp shooting pains.

BLADDER – Sharp bladder pain across pubic bone above penis. Very dark, orangey brown urine. Diminished urination. Urine smells ketonic.

BREASTS – Breasts feel enlarged. Shooting pains through right breast, like needles.

CHEST – Contracting feeling in chest. As chest if expanded, opened up. Sharp pain under ribs. Tight chest with cough.

COUGHS – Racking, distressing cough. Incessant, exhausting, constant cough. Deep, barking cough. Coughing up bloody mucus. Vomiting from coughing. Wet cough. Cough from anger.

FEMALE: Breast cancer: hard as steel. Like sex but the act is somehow forced. More sex than making love.

FOOD: Loss appetite or increased

Desire coffee, smoked salmon, fruit juice, potatoes. Worse from alcohol (another carbon)

HEADACHE from hunger ameliorated by eating.

Diamond has similarities with gold in respect of being self-critical, having high expectations of self, and becoming over-conscious of flaws or stains on purity and integrity.

Addiction through drugs or work. Addiction and addicted behaviors. Those people that cannot separate the “I” out of the work they do – sole trader obsessed with work, the company will go under without them see themselves as irreplaceable. These habits preceded the current job but have become embedded in their company. They must shine, the company may lack structure or be rigidly structured, everything is clear or cloudy, the extremes. This is more than the ego at work, their whole self is embroidered into the project. There is an anger brewing underneath that can come out in sharp bursts. Some of this may be seen in NUX VOM but there the ambition is to succeed and move on, they are not the company.

If there is sexual abuse in the history it is often a product of, rather than the cause of, the addiction.

Much of these observations have come from experience. There is a proving done by The Dynamis group under Jeremy Sher. Its not free but here’s a link:

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