Venturing beyond challenges with relationship (1st column periodic table) and external structure (2nd column), the 3rd column marks the beginning of autonomous action, and is accompanied by confusion, irresolution and indecision. All Lanthanides also sit between silver and gold—symbolic of one’s desire to express silver gifts towards a golden ideal. In recognizing a Lanthanide theme in practice, one may perceive:

  • mineral language—through words in the history indicating structure and order
  • a performance theme—one is hoping to refine or express their “performance”
  • “silver gifts” which the client wants to manifest in a “golden ideal”—to be “good as gold” “a master of their art”, but for various reasons the full expression is thwarted.


Progression of themes
3rd Lanthanum Confusion, irresolution, indecision in action, including new challenges on a relatively mundane level
4th Cerium Temporary plans develop, but usually change before any significant efforts have begun.
5th Praseodymium A feeling of needing to be “so much more” than one perceives oneself at present, and as efforts are made towards tackling a challenge, they seem to ultimately collapse—a frustrating feeling of 2 steps forward, two steps back.
6th Neodymium Anxiety with new challenges; a sense of “sink or swim”, that one is forced by circumstances to act even though one’s preparation feels incomplete.
7th Promethium Desire to gather facts from all available sources to gain control over a situation and ultimately insure success. Desires the team approach to solving problems.
8th Samarium Tackles challenges voluntarily as a means of testing one’s capacities. Once the sense of challenge is gone, the person may move on to other challenges.
9th Europium No longer needing to test one’s strength; what one lacks in capacity is compensated for in terms of sheer perseverance. A sense of “crawling through the desert” to reach one’s goal.
10th Gadolinium Conscientious about the final details of perfection; sensitivity to not being acknowledged or appreciated for one’s talents.
11th Terbium Full confidence in one’s inner capacities and talents (but nevertheless thwarted in their full outer expression).
12th Dysprosium Anxiety with respect to one’s slipping capacity for every manifesting one’s gifts. What one previously accomplished in a mundane capacity takes much more effort.
13th Holmium A definite sense of compromise with repeated efforts to return to past performance capacity; a temporary return is followed by slipping back to the state of compromise.
14th Erbium A feeling of emptiness, going through the motions, a hopelessness that one will ever return to a state in which expression of one’s gifts might be possible.
15th Thulium Sentimental about one’s past; clinging to memories of a time when circumstances might have allowed for one’s greater influence.
16th Ytterbium The dream of potential influence exists only in theory—‘if things had been different, those gifts could have changed the world’
17th Lutetium All hope for potential influence has died, but nevertheless residual “last- stand resistance” to accepting the present reality remains.

The metaphor of living on an island reflects Lanthanide themes, a hidden retreat, a secret village:

  • They escape conventional society  . . .
  • to be independent and autonomous,
  • to join a community of free thinkers;
  • People can hide from their past …
  • and find ways to invent themselves on a deeper, more authentic level, searching for new self-definition
  • They can move from isolation and self-reflection . . .
  • to compassion for humanity (typical themes of the Buddhist spiritual journey).
  • Independence and self-individuation are other Lanthanide themes.
  • On the other hand, if they get stuck in isolation they can develop social anxiety and deep depression . . .

leading to alcoholism on the island. Addictions and especially alcoholism are a recurring theme in the Lanthanide series.


Selected Anion themes:

  • Arsenicum; Cold, fastidious; anxious emphasis on gaining or losing security
  • Bromatum; Avoiding persecution, punishment, embarrassment
  • Carbonicum; Value and worth in relation to productivity; general and personal
  • Fluoratum; Syphilitic tendencies; superficial appearance/connection, hidden decay.
  • Iodatum; Warm; high metabolism and activity
  • Muriaticum; Connection/disconnection; nurtured/not nurtured, disappointment
  • Nitricum; Anticipatory anxiety; fear of high, narrow and “out of control” situations
  • Oxydatum; Sensitivity and imaginary fears; inspired/inspiring; may feel victimized
  • Phosphoricum; Sensitivity with imaginary fears related to dark, thunderstorms
  • Silicatum: Cold, sensitivity to criticism, desire to reflect a fixed image to others
  • Sulphuricum; Runs warm, disorderly, censorious, ego, desire for appreciation

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