I have decided to open a new blog site for those out there interested in homeopathy and wanting to explore ideas. Some new ideas, some old and revisited. Some of the postings will be remedy pictures, some homeopathic approaches and some will be comment on the world that homeopathy encourages. Please fill in the contact form below which will email me with your request and I will send you a link.

I have used the word “sustainable” in the strap line of this new blog because homeopathy is sustainable. It can be delivered to every human and to other species. It has very little cost burden, both in a commercial sense but also in a carbon footprint sense.

It is also an evolving medicine and every homeopath and every client contributes to that.

First and foremost it is an energy medicine.

Much of this you don’t need to know to sort out your coughs and colds, your bruises or your PMT and many will use homeopathy without a second thought. However the potential is infinite.


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