Agaricus muscarius

The stuff that legends are made of:

Used as a drink by the Vikings before they invaded. To manage the toxicity one of the group would take the mushroom and his urine would be used as a drink for the warriors. Then they would feel superhuman and go wild or “beserk” form their tribal name Berserkers, rubric: (desire to kill, hatred).

It’s the stuff the Father Christmas legend is built around. Flying through the air, Reindeers with red noses, the colours of Father Christmas (Red and White), our winter hero used to be green, from the Green Man but Agaricus and Coca Cola marketing changed all that. Even the affection, Rubric: (embraces companions – kisses strangers, romps with children).

Witches and the idea of flying on broom sticks can also trace a connection to Agaricus. The plant was smeared on a broom stick and then rubbed onto the inner thighs to avoid the toxicity, Rubric: (delusion floating).

And of course there is Alice in Wonderland.

The distortions in space and size with Alice getting bigger and smaller, the potion flooding the room and the passage through the rabbit hole. Not to mention the images of mushrooms in the Teniel Drawings (small hole seems like a cavern, whole body is diminished, spoonful of water seems like a lake).

Agaricus is written into our culture, particular our infant culture, so inevitably it is a big remedy in Childhood. It is related to NATRUM MURIATICUM, a common remedy in childhood may be described as the “little adults”. So when these children are faced with the adults getting in a mess they try and compensate. They are children and their plans go astray. Trying to keep their parents relationship together they become FEARLESS and as a result CLUMSY. They trip up, they develop TWITCHES. It can be seen in nervous children who constantly LICK THEIR LIPS. Growing pains in children.

Making verses, singing, shouting or muttering rhymes. Grimaces of the mouth, especially on beginning to speak. Stammering. Many speech symptoms: disinclination to speak but also LOQUACITY. Adolescent girls who are nervous and have convulsions from being scolded, or from excitement or shock. Equally unrestrained and uninhibited.

Theses are symptoms in normal children in abnormal situations. There is enough of a picture though to consider the remedy in Tourette’s Syndrome and in emerging cases of vaccine induced Tourette’s Syndrome, particularly the HPV vaccine given to teenage girls ( The remedy is also useful in Autism and ADHD.

Twitching, spasms, chorea – irregular, uncertain, INVOLUNTARY and exaggerated movements, reaches too far, steps too high, drops things. Facial Ticks, Bell’s palsy. Head in constant motion.

Sciatica and low back pain. Back pain is aggravated by sting much better from lying. Back pain is worse after sex.

ITCHINESS: The sensitivity is also shown in hay fever, especially with itchy ears and/or itchy palate. Nosebleeds in old people, itchiness of nose (SQUILLA). Urethritis, increased sexual desire or masturbation in the morning on waking (also masturbation in children (also PLATINA)). Feels cold on passing urine.

Paroxysms of yawning, yawning and involuntary laughing. Twitches on falling asleep.

Tongue dry, Teeth feel too long.

Trembling hands. TWITCHING EYELIDS

Sensation of electric shocks.


Strong fear of cancer, preoccupied with death, dying and graveyards


Headache associated with spinal symptoms

Catarrhal symptoms of the chest. Cough ends in sneezing. Often used with TUBERCULINUM. – TUBERCULAR MIASM

Turmoil in the abdomen – full of colic – violent urging for stool, staring after stool Rubric:  Fancies he is commanded by a mushroom to fall on his knees, confess his sins and rip open his bowels.

Profound effect on the cerebrospinal axis. On the circle sits on the Fire-Air axis (red/white)


7 thoughts on “Agaricus muscarius

  1. Santa Claus
    out in Lapland where it grows
    red nose (drunkards in)
    incorrect judge of size
    thinks a small hole is a frightful chasm
    so THAT is why he gets stuck in the chimney!

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