This materia medica of MMR is a first attempt to bring together clinic observations and reports of the last 10 years. For a long time I found it hard to discern a picture of MMR, primarily because children with a reported reaction to vaccines had all previously had the DPT vaccine. Gradually, though, cases emerged where the parent was clearly convinced that the changes precipitated immediately after MMR.

In general, the cases that seemed to be more MMR based were those children that had a milder disposition. There seemed to be a lot of PULSATILLA and BELLADONNA symptoms in these children and I reflected that these two remedies would be at the forefront of any treatment of the three diseases; measles mumps and rubella. With this in mind I did a repertory search in Macrep for those mind rubrics that had both BELLADONNA and PULSATILLA bold or italic (so well marked), I have attached this list at the end of the material medica.

This sweep didn’t include gestures but when I returned to the repertory I found that PULSATILLA had gestures in normal type, while BELLADONNA was italic type.

Comparing this list with the evolving picture of MMR shows a particularly large overlap.

The locked in picture of these particular cases was more self-sufficient, more the picture of HELIUM than DPT and I would for a longtime have considered HELIUM in these cases. However Helium is an element and so describes the position, the state, the relationship of this person to the world. MMR representing, as it was emerging, many of the shared symptoms of BELADONNA and PULSATILLA reflects the plant kingdom and so is showing the “feelings” of the person.


Anxiety in anything like a new situation or if anything is being asked of them. Difficulty mixing with other children. Wants to be at home rather than with her piers at a party. She won’t go up to another child and make friends or acknowledge their presence. She likes older kids and would approach them or copy them. Other kids in school call out her name and want to play with her but she won’t join in. Will talk to some people but not others. Caring and cautious with younger sibling.

May appear absent minded or have a certain “vagueness” (cloudy mind) but often there is a fantastic memory. Knows alphabet and 1 to 20 and backwards. Anything that interests her, she would remember like a hawk. Repeats conversations without missing a word from her favourite TV programmes. Knows all colours and shapes and recognizes them too. Bright child in class but won’t talk. Remembers places and directions; when I am near the park, she starts getting exited. Draws a perfect circle and says – circle. Loves saying names of colours and using them.

Takes everything in and absorbs in her own way. Like to watch things; a feather dropping, certain TV programmes. Plays with the water a lot, very obsessed, he did not hear anybody, all he wanted was playing with the water, in the sink, in the bathtub, and also he was having the stare-to-the-wall episodes (like absent seizures). Entranced by fish in an aquarium, the to and fro motion. Plays with string, plays with coat hangers, fascinated how the string is suspended (also TARENTULA).

Can make mistakes in speaking and can be absent minded and drift off, can lack concentration. Won’t express her needs e.g. I want to watch TV. Just takes my hand and leads me up to it. Earlier, I used to know and do it for her, now I make her ask. She still won’t say it herself, but I make her repeat. Little eye contact most of the time.

Echolocia. Repeats every word I say like: What’s your name? Reply: what’s your name.. My name is …. Reply: My name is….

Affectionate but does not like cuddling except with mother or close family. Does not like crowds and new faces. She takes long time to get used to a place. May get weepy but often there is no obvious cause.

Outburst of anger but is more likely to suffer and have symptoms from suppressed anger, or symptoms after anger. Capricious behaviour. Fear of death, dogs, night and fearful on waking. Noise can over stimulate them but not usually a fear, often interested in the noise, especially mechanical noises.

Strikes himself. Strikes face, raging thrashing about. Pulls at or scratches mother or scratches or hurts herself. Sensitive to noise puts hands over ears. Stimming. Loves music, sings with music.

She had no short-term memory, lapses in long-term memory, and no facial memory. Inclination to sit, sit and “read” or look into space.

Deep sleep but there may be disturbance with delirium. Hallucinations, at night and in daytime; go towards light and start conversation with someone we can’t see, when spoken to would not respond. Restlessness, especially in bed.

More heat than cold, can have been cold in past. Will wake up hot and sweaty from sleep

Gaiety, joy and humour much more than anger and rage. Moaning and groaning, in sleep and when stressed or there is sensory overload. Children undress and want to be naked.

Naïve and easily offended.

Can have deafness or disinclination to hear or sharp hearing at 100 paces. Recurrent inner-ear infections, extremely painful.

Swelling of glands

Toilet trained but – won’t tell mother, will do it herself.

Eats with the spoon well. Still confused as to which hand to use, but uses both well.

Refuse food. Unexpected food cravings; refuse chocolate or hates ice cream

Issues around water; likes water but afraid shower, very thirsty, likes to watch water flow.

Walk on toes

Never sick until started school. No childhood illnesses (chicken pox, measles mumps)

Molloscum catagiousum (responds well to THUJA)

Rashes, hives. Little dry patches on arms and legs.

Purpura and internal bleeding. Eruptions in intestines and in stomach.

Guillain Barre Syndrome

Intermittent paralysis

Loves the outdoors and loves home


Macrep search of mind symptoms for both BELLADONNA and PULSATILLA

M; Mind; ABSENT-minded (212)


M; Mind; AGONY, anguish (170)

M; Mind; AMOROUS, behavior (66)

M; Mind; ANGER, general; ailments, from (104)

M; Mind; ANGER, general; ailments, from; anxiety, with (32)

M; Mind; ANGER, general; ailments, from; fright, with (23)

M; Mind; ANGER, general; anxiety, with (31)

M; Mind; ANGER, general; fright, with (23)

M; Mind; ANGER, general; vexation, from (69)

M; Mind; ANXIETY, general (351)

M; Mind; ANXIETY, general; heart, region of (145)

M; Mind; ANXIETY, general; hypochondriacal (64)

M; Mind; ANXIETY, general; night (117)

M; Mind; CAPRICIOUSNESS, behavior (117)

M; Mind; CHANGEABLE, fickle (80)

M; Mind; CHAOTIC, behavior (49)

M; Mind; CHILDBIRTH, mental symptoms, during (12)

M; Mind; CHILDBIRTH, mental symptoms, during; ailments, from (17)

M; Mind; CLOUDY, mind (74)

M; Mind; COMPANY, general; aversion, to (155)

M; Mind; CONCOMITANTS, mental (93)

M; Mind; CONFUSION, mental (308)

M; Mind; CREDULOUS (5)

M; Mind; CROWDS, society, ailments from (36)

M; Mind; CRYING, weeping (241)

M; Mind; CRYING, weeping; causeless (38)

M; Mind; CRYING, weeping; children, in (75)

M; Mind; CRYING, weeping; chill, during (25)

M; Mind; CRYING, weeping; easily (36)

M; Mind; CRYING, weeping; fever, during (25)

M; Mind; CRYING, weeping; involuntary (31)

M; Mind; CRYING, weeping; perspiration, during (27)

M; Mind; DARKNESS, general; agg., mental state (31)

M; Mind; DEJECTED, feeling (75)

M; Mind; DELIRIUM, general (230)

M; Mind; DELIRIUM, general; frightful (26)

M; Mind; DELIRIUM, general; night (68)

M; Mind; DELIRIUM, general; raging (80)

M; Mind; DELIRIUM, general; sleepiness, with (16)

M; Mind; DELUSIONS, general, hallucinations, visions (195)

M; Mind; DELUSIONS, general, hallucinations, visions; black, objects and people (4)

M; Mind; DELUSIONS, general, hallucinations, visions; devils, sees (18)

M; Mind; DELUSIONS, general, hallucinations, visions; fire, visions of (32)

M; Mind; DELUSIONS, general, hallucinations, visions; night (34)

M; Mind; DELUSIONS, general, hallucinations, visions; people, sees (28)

M; Mind; DELUSIONS, general, hallucinations, visions; pursued, thought he was; enemies, by (31)

M; Mind; STARVED, being; visions, has (65)

M; Mind; STARVED, being; visions, has; closing, the eyes, on (29)

M; Mind; STARVED, being; visions, has; horrible (25)

M; Mind; DEPRESSION, sadness (457)

M; Mind; DULLNESS, mental (293)

M; Mind; EXCITEMENT, mental, emotional (271)

M; Mind; EXCITEMENT, mental, emotional; ailments, symptoms from (112)

M; Mind; EXERTION, mental, general; ailments, from; weakness, from (31)

M; Mind; EXHAUSTION, mental, prostration (208)

M; Mind; FEARS, phobias, general (244)

M; Mind; FEARS, of; death, of (167)

M; Mind; FEARS, of; dogs, of (33)

M; Mind; FEARS, of; night (71)

M; Mind; FEARS, of; people, of; perspiration, during (6)

M; Mind; FEARS, of; waking, on (54)

M; Mind; FRETFUL, behavior (34)

M; Mind; FRIGHT, ailments from (84)

M; Mind; FRIGHTENED, easily (145)

M; Mind; FRIGHTENED, easily; fever, during (16)

M; Mind; GAIETY (47)

M; Mind; GRIEF, sorrow, general; ailments, from (96)

M; Mind; HIDE, desire to (29)

M; Mind; HURRIED, behavior (122)

M; Mind; HYPOCHONDRIASIS, mental (115)

M; Mind; IDEAS, general; abundant (128)

M; Mind; IDEAS, general; abundant; rush of (31)



M; Mind; IMBECILITY (139)

M; Mind; INCONSTANCY; perspiration, during (14)

M; Mind; INDIFFERENCE, apathetic (249)

M; Mind; INSANITY, madness (166)

M; Mind; INSANITY, madness; childbirth, after (36)

M; Mind; INSANITY, madness; women, in (9)


M; Mind; IRRITABILITY, general (366)

M; Mind; IRRITABILITY, general; morning; waking, on (43)


M; Mind; LAMENTING, wailing (102)

M; Mind; LOATHING, feelings; life, of (93)

M; Mind; LOVE, disappointed, ailments, from (53)

M; Mind; MEMORY, weakness, of (273)

M; Mind; MENSES, during, mental symptoms (81)

M; Mind; MENTAL, states, symptoms (135)

M; Mind; MENTAL, states, symptoms; night, agg. (57)

M; Mind; MISTAKES, makes; speaking, in (83)

M; Mind; MOANING, groaning (152)

M; Mind; MOANING, groaning; perspiration, during; sleep, during (17)

M; Mind; MOANING, groaning; sleep, during (76)

M; Mind; MOODS, general; alternating (100)

M; Mind; MOODS, general; changeable, variable (178)

M; Mind; MOURNING, feelings (62)

M; Mind; NAIVE (16)

M; Mind; NAKED, wants to be (18)

M; Mind; NURSING, of others; ailments, from (59)

M; Mind; NURSING, of others; agg. (58)

M; Mind; OFFENDED, easily (104)

M; Mind; PRAYING, behavior (30)

M; Mind; PREGNANCY, mental, ailments during (20)

M; Mind; RAGE, fury, general (133)

M; Mind; RELIGIOUS, affections (68)

M; Mind; REMORSE, feelings, regret (68)

M; Mind; RESTLESSNESS, mental (411)

M; Mind; RESTLESSNESS, mental; anxious (120)

M; Mind; RESTLESSNESS, mental; bed, in; tossing about in (123)

M; Mind; RESTLESSNESS, mental; fever, during (81)

M; Mind; RESTLESSNESS, mental; move, must constantly (27)

M; Mind; RESTLESSNESS, mental; night (245)

M; Mind; RESTLESSNESS, mental; perspiration, during (27)

M; Mind; SCHIZOPHRENIA; paranoid; enemy, general; pursued, by enemies (31)

M; Mind; SCREAMING, shrieking, shouting; sleep, during (80)

M; Mind; SENSITIVE, mental, oversenitive, emotional (234)

M; Mind; SENSITIVE, mental, oversenitive, emotional; children (36)

M; Mind; SENSITIVE, mental, oversenitive, emotional; noise, to (154)

M; Mind; SENSITIVE, mental, oversenitive, emotional; pain, to (136)

M; Mind; SENSITIVE, mental, oversenitive, emotional; puberty, in (16)

M; Mind; SEXUALITY, general, activity and behavior; nymphomania, women (73)

M; Mind; SIGHING, emotional (139)

M; Mind; SITTING, inclination, to (105)

M; Mind; STARTLED, starting; sleep, during (138)

M; Mind; STARTLED, starting; sleep, from (119)

M; Mind; STUPEFACTION, mental (217)

M; Mind; STUPEFACTION, mental; sleep, after (56)

M; Mind; SUICIDAL, disposition (137)

M; Mind; SUICIDAL, disposition; drowning, by (21)

M; Mind; SUSPICIOUS, mistrustful (116)

M; Mind; SYMPATHY; desire, for (31)

M; Mind; TACITURN, mood (219)

M; Mind; TALKING, talks, general; indisposed, to (206)

M; Mind; TALKING, talks, general; sleep, in (90)

M; Mind; TALKING, talks, general; wandering (64)

M; Mind; TEMPERAMENTS, mental; bilious (29)

M; Mind; TEMPERAMENTS, mental; phlegmatic (72)

M; Mind; THOUGHTS, general; persistent (97)

M; Mind; THOUGHTS, general; rush, flow of (131)

M; Mind; TOSSING, about, tendency to (86)

M; Mind; TOSSING, about, tendency to; sleep, during (80)

M; Mind; VANITY (14)

M; Mind; WEARY, of life (96)



M; Mind; GESTURES, makes (142)


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