Calling all Healers

Calling all Healers

Where do the healers go when they are unwell?

It is an important question. If you are an energy worker or healer then allopathic treatments can interfere with your ability to work.

You wouldn’t consider working if you had been drinking alcohol, so how could you work if you were on antidepressants?

Many therapeutic processes can seriously affect you skills.

I worked with a practitioner who eventually decided to have x-ray radiotherapy and afterwards she reported that she couldn’t feel any of her clients’ energy, she felt “cooked”. Homeopathy was able to help and her reaction was an amazing lift, not just being able to feel the client’s energy again but also being totally energised in herself and where she should be going with her work.

This was radiotherapy but I have seen that chemotherapy can also have adverse effects on practitioners.

Many practitioners are aware of this issue and will often use their own therapy to access some level of healing but many will look to homeopathy, with its focus on the body and the mind, to help with all symptoms. Sometimes this may be in place of allopathic medication, sometimes as well as and sometimes for the effects of treatment.

I find that many practitioners find the whole approach of homeopathy intriguing. The process, which is based in listening to the individual’s story of “how” they are ill rather than what the condition is called. Then interpreting that in terms of remedies is a very reflective process for other energy practitioners. Whether that is healers, cranial sacral therapists, Bowen practitioners, EFT, NLP, Journey practitioners, Reiki masters, masseurs and Shiatsu practitioners, reflexologist, kinesiologists, acupuncturist, psychotherapists or counsellors the homeopathic process that unfolds in the consultation allows healers to find a healthy space to work from.

Homeopathy works where the individual needs to work, perhaps appropriopathy would be a good description of what homeopathy is. Sometimes when you are working with individuals it is the physical symptoms that are uppermost, sometimes though the result is a healthier practice. Sometimes it is healthier clients for the individual or changes in personal relationships.

Many energy practitioners find that homeopathy is also a great complimentary therapy to their own for their clients.

Homeopathy is such a good therapy with its overlap between pure energy, through the extreme dilutions of the remedies, and the material power of herbs and other medicinal materials. It naturally causes elimination and so can support organs and encourage detoxification. It can respond to inherited conditions and to major traumas. It can also apply itself to many sorts of physical illness.