Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy is a time when many women first turn to homeopathy, primarily because of the non-toxic nature of the medicines used. They may approach a homeopath for help with morning sickness or to explore what support is available for the birth and the following few months. From this, there often develops a relationship that allows families to deal with the ongoing “things” that babies and infants are subject to, without having to resort to antibiotics or other medicinal drugs. It is reassuring to find that you can carry a small kit of remedies around the world and cope with a fair number of eventualities.

For many women, pregnancy is a time of increased health – they’ve “never felt better!” As a homeopath, I see pregnancy and birth as a healthy time needing little intervention, so seeing a homeopath  during these months, may be an excellent support during the overall process, using remedies only if they are required.

For some women there are health issues during pregnancy and in getting pregnant in the first place. Homeopathy can be extremely effective, both as a complementary process to other therapies and as an alternative when other therapies seem inappropriate. Common issues where homeopathy is particularly helpful, may be in dealing with morning sickness, or in turning a breech baby at term. It is also possible to help where there is difficulty in conceiving, or in instances of frequent miscarriage.

There are a few women who have an awful time during pregnancy. Homeopathy can be a life-line which makes what would be an unbearable experience for these individuals, in the very least, bearable – though in many cases something truly transformative occurs during a course of treatment, allowing for a wonderful pregnancy and birthing experience to take place!

Birth itself is such a high energy process that it is often possible to offer a few acute remedies with clear indications for their use:

to help with the delivery
baby not coming out
placenta not coming out
excessive bleeding
and then afterwards with:
healing emotionally; transition, shock/trauma
healing bruising, episiotomy wounds, tears
breast feeding; sore nipples, milk flow, mastitis

These will vary from mother to mother and so are usually discussed during the pregnancy and put together as a kit with instructions for mother, birth partners and mid wives. I can also be available at the end of a phone, when in doubt.

The baby

They are always so small… but so strong! Here homeopathy can be truly magical, babies crying all night (and all day!) turn into quiet little lambs. Horrendous eczema can just “evaporate”. Nappy rash, constipation, teething, all do very well with homeopathy. Equally of course the homeopath can struggle just as much as the other health practitioners but do not dismiss it, it is a particularly powerful option and it is completely non-toxic.

Infants and toddlers

Many families, having had a good experience through pregnancy and childbirth, find a prominent place for homeopathy in the family medicine chest. They will look to homeopathy as the first port of call for those childhood problems: teething, constipation, night terrors, asthma and eczema, coughs and colds and for any possible issues that may come up for the parents – such as PND, menstrual disorders, re-balancing of hormones, adapting to changes in family relationships.


As children grow they develop various ailments (nobody is perfect!). Glue ear and earaches are now quite common, homeopathy is often a good intervention before grommets and may avoid the need for such a move.

Because homeopaths base their prescriptions on a whole person approach, the therapy is particularly good with developmental problems and those symptoms described as on the ‘autistic spectrum’. In fact, we often see patterns between certain common physical symptoms and very troubling emotional symptoms.


Children turn into teenagers and although many of us remember those years, most parents struggle to help and support our young adults. While it is usual for a teenager to arrive with a physical problem (hay fever or glandular fever) and this yields well to homeopathy, it is the psychodynamic improvements (for that read attitude!) that are the most remarkable. Children nearly pushed out of school start looking for their A stars. Kids in fights start to walk away from all that stuff. Low self confidence responds just as well to homeopathy as spots!

The family

This is an introduction to how homeopathy can help your children. Children are part of a family and many of their symptoms are related to processes within the family. The inevitable ones, births and deaths (having a new brother can cause all sorts of issues) but also the less inevitable ones, such as parents finding their relationship difficult. Often treating one person will cause other positive changes in the family dynamic. Now that has got to be a good thing!