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The Greenwich Natural Health Centre:

The Well Health Centre

The Homeopathy College can be found at:

Great site relating to Autism

General support for families


I supply remedies to my clients for free but if you wish to contact a pharmacy direct would suggest

The informed parent – the wonderful Magda Taylor set this up, must be 30 years ago

Subscriber Comments from Magda Taylor’s website

It’s a fantastic publication and very helpful – thanks.  SK

Thanks for all the effort you’ve put into creating The Informed Parent over the years. BT

I am so appreciative of your newsletter – it is like a light in a dark ocean – I feel quite isolated with my ‘alternative’ views on health in the area I live, and reading your articles boosts my confidence as well as arming me with information!  K

And another useful organisation is The arnica network

Then I would recomend a listen to this short video

Other Practitioners, friends and colleagues

Ian Watson

Mike Bridger and the Contempory College of Homoeopathy