Berlin Wall

Imagine you wake up one day and you go to call a friend and the phone doesn’t work, you put on the radio to listen to your favourite programme and there is just white noise, the internet has stopped and when you go to the edge of your village the road is blocked. You can’t get to your daughter/lover/mother/father and the last time you spoke (which is not that often because of stuff and your natural way of being a loner) there was a bad atmosphere.


You then find your neighbours are in the same situation and all you know is that the world outside is having a wonderful time. Its not just being cut off from your stuff but from the greater sense of well being, almost cut off from source – left in a cold spiritless world, where there is no god.


Imagine being a child of this regime, a heartless world dark. Not everyone has to have lived in East Berlin to have this experience. A child with cold, distant parents or even a loving family that has be isolated by circumstances and normal expression is not possible. Growing up in a foreign country, children of army families but also children sent back home to boarding school. Children whose parents were killed and care passes to the grandparents. A women in a relationship with a much older strict male, or her husband is always away. These are not all the situations but do describe the predisposing environment for BERLIN WALL.


So BERLIN WALL is a heart chakra remedy, in NATRUM MURIATICUM the individual is alone in BERLIN WALL the family is alone and may even be separated, so a NATRUM MURIATICUM daughter of a NATRUM MURIATICUM mother perhaps. It is deeper and darker and the wall is more real. And yet the remedy is made from the wall being taken down! BERLIN WALL is pivotal in healing where the family has suffered.


The feelings are fixed and strong MORTIFICATION, a victim to it all (STAPHYSAGRIA) self-deception, refusing to believe the culpability of another (especially family). To survive the individual takes the line of least resistance and does that by following a herd mentality. Remember war is only every one agreeing to do something. Just like when you drive on the continent you adopt, without much thought, driving on the other side of the road war is easily accepted even though a terrible thing, it’s a price to pay to be in society.


This is the opposite of the state of LAC LUPANINUM where they are outside of society and the family protects and makes them strong in their resolve – here there is weakness, the herd rather than family is paramount and they are locked in, with the wonderful free world somewhere else. Anything they do they expect to fail, even therapy fails, they are down cast and guilty about past events. Not free to express their feelings.


This closed in situation means diet is poor, digestion is bad and bowels are sluggish.


The organ that has struggled is the thymus and so to help this process THYMUS GLAND (3x-30) should be given regularly, even daily, if there are signs that the thymus gland is struggling.


Children who have never taken hold of their true spirit. In fact it is this spirit connection that must be rekindled. They must regain their fire, their passion. Basically they must be bathed in the pure white light of truth and be made whole again and nothing less will work – so remedies like SYCAMORE, TYGERS EYE and AYAHUASCA.


BERLIN WALL breaks down the wall but it is the other remedies that do the healing. The senses (all 6) need to be reconnected. So remedies like BELLADONNA if the transformation work has already been undertaken and STRAMONIUM or OPIUM if the person is full of fear. SYCAMORE will help with the reconnection to spirit or TIGERS EYE if there have been sexual issues. Equally the case may need LYSSIN or STAHYSAGRIA or other abuse remedies if that is what is uncovered.


All through this the heart chakra is taking the strain and so THYMUS GLAND is important and often the process will see THYMUS GLAND then THUJA and then TUBERCULINUM, either given as a triad or coming up over the months of work.


BERLIN WALL breaks things apart but then the individual has to take responsibility fro their action and also help others do the same. High “moral” remedies like AURUM and PLATINA or critical remedies like NUX-VOMICA and LYCOPDIUM will ensue. The breaking down of walls and the cutting of ties would also look like CARCINOSIN, however this is all deeply syphilitic, very much reconnecting to Atlantean energy. So AYAHUASCA and its associated triads may be the key:




EMERALD is a great protector, sanctuary and is the opposite state of BERLIN WALL, where they are cut off from spirit. In EMERALD they sit in the house of spirit while they heal.

4 thoughts on “Berlin Wall

    • When I first meet a remedy I tend to use 200th potency as that will reflect back signs that help me understand the remedy, as my understanding improves I will use the full range of potencies. I use LM’s and ascend them slowly where there is a need but would more commonly match the potency to the depth at which the disturbance resonates. One of my teachers has been Rajan Sankaran and this link gives a good back ground on general approach to potency

  1. Hi, I would really like to speak with you about the link between the syphilitic and atlantean energy. Also the link with carcinosin. I have a client that requires miasmic clearing in regards to the Berlin Wall but not specially via the rx itself. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Sarah

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