I have probably prescribed CARCINOSIN at least once a week in my practice over the last 20 years. When I started practicing there was very little written. More recently, Tinus Smits (Cancer, a deeper understanding Carcinosinum) seems very concerned about the origin of the remedy:

The preparation used by Dr. Foubister and Dr. Templeton in clinical practice and trials, was the original preparation of Carcinosin, the source of which is unknown.

It was brought over from the United States and was probably prepared from an epithelioma of breast’.

He goes onto argue that much of what is attributed as symptoms should be disregarded as the sources vary and so affect the picture of the remedy. This underlies his isopathic approach that he has developed in the CEASE method for treating autistic spectrum disorders.

My own view is somewhat different. Homeopathy is about the simillium not the identical. He compares LAC MATERNUM being made from 10 different samples to give it a general status. I feel the remedy, the disease material, especially in CARCINOSIN, has a separate enough identity. It may be that a remedy, made from a female breast tumour, will have more muriaticum (mother) symptoms than that made from a tumour of the pancreas but very soon in practice the nosode will appear, over and above the individual. A comparison might be with TUBERCULINUM and BACILLINUM, there are differences and that makes BACILLINUM useful when TUBERCULINUM is not helping but for the most part we would use TUBERCULNUM as the nosode of the tubercular miasm.

If we know a remedy well then it can only act within its framework of being. PULSATILLA can only be PULSATILLA. It could be restless, it could be still, but the needs and modalities of its restlessness will reflect PULSATILLA and not RHUS TOX. In PULSATILLA there is desire for change without the ability to change, so the restlessness is unproductive, you scratch and the itch moves. Also, we would not say that the picture of PULSATILLA or RHUS TOX is in doubt because the remedy was made and proved using only one plant in each case and not several samples from different geographical areas.

Similarly with CARCINOSIN, for the inner issues we need to look at cancer and our Western society. Cancers are caused from many things. We can get cancers from radiation, this is energy that has been locked away in a mineral and is now released, and we know radiation can cure cancers. Cancers can also develop from too refined a diet and from the products of intensive factory farming. Cancers are more common in certain immigrant populations and, certainly, lack of roots or being uprooted seem to promote an unhealthy susceptibility.

The picture of CARCINOSIN the remedy has many key features. The main essence is someone who tries to please. They may be the sort of person that is easily put on but have an inner joy in servitude. This in itself would be fine but to achieve this they may sublimate their own needs. This situation may be not of their choice but for survival they are forced to work for others, put up with things that don’t bring them joy. The may feel they need to be perfect in there actions (interestingly this is not an uncommon situation for an immigrant). They may need to make the immediate environment perfect for them, over tidying, fussing over others, being “sweet” to people. This range of reactions can be summarized PERFECTION, FASTIDIOUS and SENSITIVE to their environment and others.

So this individual may passionately work for a cause, or be rebellious at home, or if continually persecuted or abused, they become a doormat. They can present both of these issues; picture a case of a senior manager in a cancer charity (a job she was passionate about and very effective in) with a relationship that just does not satisfy her. The partner suppressed her every move and she couldn’t challenge him to commit properly, to live with her fulltime or marry her even though there was a child, neither could she leave the relationship.

The CARCINOSIN child may be timid, sensitive and sympathetic to others. The sensitivity may show as allergies, or skin disease or asthma. They will suffer terribly from reprimands at school, even the slightest criticism is a terrible abuse and consolation may only add to their misery.

At puberty there may be strong sexual issues and a desire to run away. They will be great home lovers (like their room) and want to travel and this can cause conflict feeling they can’t have both.

The disease results from cells loosing control, we loose control of our normal cell reproduction. The cancer cells loose their boundaries and migrate. Pschodynamically the ego, or self, sets the boundaries. In CARCINOSIN the self has lost its own boundaries. People without roots, so often this could be immigrant cultures e.g. the Asians who moved to West Africa to build the railways only, a generation later, to be moved on to the UK. This situation can also be where the person has no family roots, the adopted child. The child feels abused, even when the adopted family is perfect. The condition for both situations generates a constant state of anxiety.

The remedy can also be used to “cut the ties that bind” it is extremely useful to promote healthy separation from family and relationships. That doesn’t mean it breaks up relationships although, if that’s the only way, that sometimes happens. More often a better relationship emerges.

They seek love and approval and this may get them into difficult situations. They can have a history of sexual abuse, or have used their sexuality to secure contact. They may equally have abstained from sex and relationships and suffer in silence for the loss of meaningful touch. This axis of no expression all the way to being better for extreme exposure to an issue shows in: Fear of thunderstorms but also Loves to watch thunder. Timid and passionate. They may transfer their feelings to animals (love horse ridding) and animal causes, they may throw themselves into dancing (more ballet or ballroom where there are rules and control and perfection) or into music (play the violin to a very high standard but seem to lack joy in their musical expression – end up working as a pit musician).

In STAPHYSAGRIA the person is insulted, abused, by the person they are dependent on, in CARCINOSIN they feel that they are controlled by another. Compare this control with the control in THUJA, where it is divine or super human control or in FOLLICULINUM where the control (or lack of control) runs through the matriarchy.

The compensation to the control in CARCINOSIN is to be PERFECT and from this arises anticipatory anxiety. This may be expressed as children with good manners. They sit and behave themselves. As an adult they may be people pleasers, so judge the information they give you carefully, watch out for being told what you want to hear. The remedy can also show FASTIDIOUSNESS; well dressed people with good taste. They may be neurotic about perfection. Neatness and cleanliness are not enough for them.


Six striking elements of CARCINOSIN blended together:


  1. Desire perfection.
  2. Sensitive to hurt reprimand and offense.
  3. Tendency to suppression and bearing all emotions without protest
  4. Artistic traits. Sensitive to nature music and dance.
  5. Anxious nature. Always anticipating. Obsessed with the idea of perfection so not worried about success or failure. Anxiety about health. Fear of disease especially cancer.
  6. Warm and sympathetic. Warm blooded.

Fear is a big issue with CARCINOSIN and that’s before we get to the picture of the remedy itself. Certain pharmacies in certain countries have limitations on supplying the remedy and various articles declare the remedy shouldn’t be given when the person has cancer. Not a lot of sense there, its hardly going to precipitate a negative reaction. If the remedy is indicated, then it is fine to give. I would clarify this issue. If the individual has cancer, or any other serious pathology, then remedies focusing on that serious condition are the first line of action. To prescribe CARCINOSIN, or any other nosode, as a miasmatic prescription at that moment would be counter productive.

CARCINOSIN has a reputation for “clearing up the picture” and the cancer miasm is a very common state. This leads many new practitioners to use CARCINOSIN as a remedy very early on, even on the first visit. There seems to be a pressure to prescribe, letting go of that pressure, in fact, letting go of all pressures when taking a case leads to better prescriptions. This is a remedy, however, where fear (and hence misinformation) abounds. The remedy itself has a whole raft of fears:

Thunder, heights, confined spaces, cancer, aids, crowds, new situations, exams, failure, snakes, reptiles, spiders, frogs, lizards.

It is also worth discussing how to prescribe this remedy. Firstly it can be prescribe as ant other nosode:


  1. As a remedy itself. (on simillimum)
  2. Failure of indicated remedies. (to open up a case)
  3. Relapse of indicated remedies.
  4. Never been well since (NBWS) (e.g. since head injury)
  5. Inter-current prescription.


As a remedy it also lends itself to many situations where a development is needed. Progress is required by moving on, opening up, letting go or clearing up.

CARCINOSIN 30 twice a day after history of antibiotics

CARCINOSIN 10M CSD(night morning night) where the case needs to move on, maybe the client needs to move on from this homeopath or re contract with the homeopath.

CARCINOSIN 200 NATRUM MURIATICUM 1M IGNATIA 10M each CSD over three days, or over three weeks if there is a lot of work to do or energy is low, or others (relatives etc.) need to be considered. This is really useful where these three layers are indicated in the case e.g. a NATRUM MURIATICUM case with a recent loss and history of cancer and cancer miasm in the family. This triad will move these things out of the way so the practitioners can have a proper interchange with the client and really help. Many clients have such well rehearsed symptoms that it can take a long while before you are really answering their needs, this triad helps.


Mental retardation.

Difficult concentration.

Aversion to reprimand or contradiction.

Anxiety and anticipatory worries.

Desire for travel, cosmopolitan.



Warm-blooded and generally worse from heat.

General aggravation in the afternoon from 1-6 PM or especially at 5-6 PM.

Ameliorated in evening.


Better for short naps. Sleeps on abdomen.

Amelioration at the sea, or better east coats worse south.

Blue sclerotics. Dusky complexion or “Cafe au lait” hue. Dark moles.

Facial tics, tremors, blinking.

Dwarfish or very tall.

Bites nails.

Illness develops at the time of puberty especially glandular fever (mononucleosis).

Frequent colds and acute illness.

Whooping cough (pertussis). Mumps.

Diabetes. Family history cancer, infectious diseases.

54 thoughts on “Carcinosin

  1. I found this very helpful clear and realistic in the sense of the particular remedy picture and the way that affects the personality. Thank You

      • Do we need to give all three medicine together 3 carcinosin 3 Nat mur 3 ingna pills
        9 pills together night morning night
        For three days
        Is this for autistic child with cancer and diabetes family history

      • the protocol would be carcinosen one tablet at night, next morning and the next evening
        a week later natrum mur one tablet at night, next morning and the next evening
        then a week later one tablet at night, next morning and the next evening

  2. Gathered lot of knowledge about the medicine. Wife (67) suffering from erosive gastritis (antrum) since last 4 years. She is on homeopathy only with the Doctors of Durgapur/Asansol/Burdwan/kolkata consuming decimal/centesimal/50 milliesimal potencies. Sometimes remain without any symptom except a feeble discomfort at the epigastrium, but not completely cured. Appears to be relapsing with pain may be due to some unknown cause. Appetite, thirst normal , formation of gas, Pain better on pressing, passing flatus. Soft temperament with love for music & literature. Pain < mainly from evening to morning which may require antisyphyllitic medicine ? Fastidiousness about doing a job perfectly. Intolerance to both heat & cold. No history of cancer or blood sugar in the family. But Mother & elder sister suffered from Pleurisy & pulmonary sarcoidosis. Both are dead due to some other reasons. Bites nails. Can Carcinocin 200 help as an inter current remedy? At times remain better with Pulsatilla, Colocynth. Iris verse 1M worked very nicely but Iris Verse 10M aggravated & suffering from pain now without any help from any medicine as per similimum. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ?

  3. Hello, this was very interesting and helpful, thank you. May I ask, I have used Carcinosin 200c only a few times and seen positive results with my son who is 15 and has been diagnosed with high-functining autism and Asperger’s as well as a great deal of anxiety (am told the great anxiety looks like he has ADD, but the brain mapping shows a spot on the top of his brain that is actually the anxiety and not ADD). I tried Carcinosin after using Medorrhinum 200c on and off for a few months and was seeing positive results with Medorrhinum. After reading your article I am wondering how best to use Carcinosin with him? He sounds very much like Carcinosin, perfectionist, anxious, lives in “flight or fight” 24/7, heat/sun make him very irritable, bites his nails, has finger tics, which increase the more anxious he gets, loves the water/swimming/beach. Though for a time Medorrhinum was helpful and he sounds like Medorrhinum too, it is no longer helpful as he seems to be “proving” the remedy now and things get pretty crazy for him if I give it, so I’ve stopped. In your opinion, would Carcinosin help him? Should I use 200c with him, or 30c? Or another potency? And for how long? Thank you so much, grateful for your time.

    • Hi Colleen. While nosodes can be repeated and given next to each other they usually benefit the client best when used as part of a programme that includes other remedies as well. The picture can be wholly a miasmatic remedy but ore often they form a back ground and other remedies are either clear or become clear particularly after giving carcinosen. It would be worth approaching a registered homeopath for a consultation to take you forward

  4. Thank you so much for this article and for your time to help people. Thank you.
    Please, I am looking for years to heal my insomnia and chronic fatigue, muscle pain after any exertion… Seems that Carcinosinum fits on so many levels, also mental and childhood issues and its only one of a few remedies I haven’t tried yet. Please, how to take Carcinosinum the best for insomnia?
    Thank you very much

    • would suggest you seek out a registered homeopath to manage the prescribing. This a departing remedy and although may be indicated may not the first remedy to take. I can offer support via SKYPE and in the UK there are list of registered homeopaths and would think the same would apply worldwide

  5. Very interesting article. Does Carcinosinum help with problems with female fertility with most of the other indicative symptoms and family history of Diabetes?

    • Yes it would certainly be a remedy to consider but it would usually be given as part of a developing case, i.e. probably giving other remedies first, or if it was the first remedy to give then probably giving other organ support remedies as well. There are other remedies that are particularly useful around fertility as well. Would advise looking for a registered homeopath to help you work through this. I do offer SKYPE consultations if that is any help

      • Thanks very much Len. In short summary this is a case of female infertility trying to get pregnant for over 2 years now.. constitution Nat Mur and have been prescribed the following remedies: Sepia, Med, Puls, Nat Mur, Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Ignitia and a few others. Some of the initial symptoms of severe pain on onset of period have shown improvement however the presenting complaint still persists. Card seems to be good match from the current menatal emotional picture and considering the family history of diabetics (on insulin).

  6. The back ground is quite likely carcinosen but why will a child not incarnate? i.e. no miscarriages so there may be need to treat heart chakra and there may be need to work on uterus, remedies like folliculinum and the matridonal rx’s. Would treat for a 3 cycles to see improvements then try to get pregnant

  7. Hi,
    For Insomnia and alcohol addiction, carcinosinum 10m can it be used? What should be the dosage 5 drops daily once or twice or what.

  8. My 2yr old son is suffering from autism spectrum disorder. He usually sweats very much and is restless. He has got speech regression and very low social interaction. He gets irritated easily. Can carcinosin help?

    • The simple answer is yes but would advise you consult a registered homeopath. I can offer this service either at a clinic or by SKYPE. Often there needs to be work done with remedies before giving a remedy like CARCINOSEN, in particular in autism Bowel nosodes are commonly needed as on going support

  9. This is our 8 year son to a T he is ASD, ADHD,OCD. Anxiety all the above strong family history of cancer. . How can i get him started on carcinosin? Does it cause cancer?

    • No it doesn’t cause cancer. However it may not be the first remedy required and would urge you to find a registered homeopath locally to you or you could work with my via skype email

  10. This is an interesting read. Today i am being prescribed for this medicine by my doctor.

    Its been almost 2 3 years without a perfect cure for my skin disease.

  11. I have ADD, anxiety, and depression, and my personality fits the description above pretty well. Can carcinosin be taken long-term? Also, I’ve read that it can sometimes be used to treat diabetes. Is this true?

  12. Hi, I have a thyroid nodule which is suspicious of malignancy. Have fibrodenomas in my breast which are benign and alsp have ovarian cysts which are due to endometriosis. My homeopathic doctor has prescribed phosphorus 200 and medorrhinum 200 and carc CM thrice a day.
    I want to know is CM dose too high thrice a day? And can Carc aggravate or trigger cancer in patients?
    My paternal grandmother had colon cancer so there is an incidence of cancer in the family

    • It is difficult to be precise without taig whole case but I would say that a CM isn’t a stronger or weaker dose it’s at a different level and so doesn’t follow the logic of a repetition being “more”. If you are concerned though take to your practitioner. As to trigger cancer, if the cancer is already present you can’t trigger it, again would take it through with your homeopath, you are obviously concerned and that should be taken into account in prescription. Good thoughts with your healing

  13. Hello
    I was prescribed Carcinosin Mix 200c, as a tincture, at the hospital today. It is to be taken 3 times over 24 hours. I just took the first remedy. (5 drops). However, when taking the drops the entire content of the bottle (5ml) went into my mouth. I spat it out. (I took it under my tongue). On examining the bottle I noticed that the dropper was loose and was the wrong size for the bottle. I am concerned about what happened because I do not know whether I will get any side effects as a result and I cannot contact the hospital at this time for advice because it is closed. Please let me know whether I should have any concerns. I cannot believe such a mistake as not having the correct dropper on the bottle has been made. I do hope you are able to respond to this.
    Thank you.

    • first of all, you are in no danger here. The way remedies work is not the amount but the repetition of the dose, so you can’t “overdose”. the fact that you have reacted to the remedy means that the 3 doses over 24 hours are no longer needed. So have a good nights sleep and see how the remedy progresses.

  14. Thank you Lenmarlow for taking the time to reply my post and your reassurance. I have just got up as I fell asleep soon after making further internet searches on this. I have noted a change on my tongue this morning. I am not sure of your comment regarding “…reacted to the remedy…” and should be grateful to know what you mean. I will be going to the hospital this morning to report what happened to me last night.
    Kind regards

  15. Hi my son is 12 years old and is autistic non verbal, he has a severe level of autism and can be very aggressive. He is currently taking risperedone but I’d like to switch to homeopathic medicine instead.
    Please help. !!!
    Mario S.

    • Hello Mario S. I would suggest you contact a registered homeopath directly and the process would be to work with your son with the risperedone and reduce it with the support of the current medical team. My experience at this age for boys is that testosterone forms a big part of the issues and he may need the risperedone for a few year yet, possibly at a reduced level but the hormone swings do provoke outburst.If you wanted me to work with you I would be happy to and my contact details are elsewhere on the site

  16. Please help, my son is 12 years old autistic non verbal and aggressive sometimes, which is why he is on risperedone to modify his actions.
    Please help…

    • Hi Mario If you go to my contact page and follow the links you could tell me more about what help you are looking for and we could decide if homeopathy might help and set up a consultation

  17. My son is non verbal Autistic 13 years old and he is taking Risperedone. But sometimes he is aggressive and screams and cries sometimes. I don’t know what to do because he is nonverbal. Please some help…

  18. Am wondering if carcinosin from aspergers and healing and coming through the other side of many of the symptoms of long history of over controlling parents and overcoming shutting down. What dose to take for first time user of this remedy. Am currently sixty.

  19. Hello! What a great article! I had a question — if you are using Carcinosin as an intercurrent remedy because your other remedies are not working, how long do you find that it takes for Carcinosin to break the impasse and allow the other remedies to start working? Or to open up a resolution?

    • It can be almost immediately but CARCINOSEN along with TUBERCULINUM have 10 aggravation periods so it could be up to 2 weeks before you see a physical sign of movement. If its deep seated mental or emotional habits it may be several visits and remedies on before its clear those (often Saturnian, base chakra ) habits hove moved to a new and positive direction. The signs were probably there much earlier but were to small to see. In an acute prescribing situation the the inter-current transition is very evident and immediate. So it depends on the case and the action of remedies as always is proportionate to the crisis. If the remedies need to act quickly they will, if there is time they will respond at a deeper level. I will be returning to my fortnightly zoom classes in the autumn, you may be interested, they are for homeopaths and other therapists interested in homeopathy. Mail me through my website if you are interested. They happen at 5pm GMT although may change that to 6pm

  20. Hello! Very useful information! Concerning history of antibiotics, Carc 30 C two times a day for one day only, or it could be given for a few days for example? Thank you!

  21. Hi Len, just a question for you about the trio of Carcinosin, Nat Mur and Ignatia. Do you feel that its preferable to take each remedy on its own (ie. start with Carcinosin, and finish up with it before moving to Nat Mur, and then move on to Ignatia) or do you feel that patients benefit from taking all three at the same time?

  22. It will depend on each case. Time is a construct and in each case will be different. You may look back at a case and see over several months you have given these three remedies individually, you could give them as a combination, all made up together, it will depend on the needs of the case and where the time energy and attention is (TEA). If you make the gap too small you may not be able to discern which remedy did what and so what to do next. To answer your precise question. I do in majority of situations give the three remedies on separate days often with a day gap to to be able to see immediate reactions. I also frequently give them week 1 week 2 week 3. It also helps to choose different potencies eg CARCINOSEN 200 NAT MUR 1m and IGNATIA 10m. This also allows you to give organ support if needed on other days.

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