DPT and Autism

Frequently a case will have the symptom NBWS vaccination but there has been little documentation of symptoms particular to an individual vaccine. If a person is going to be affected by vaccines then the first vaccine is going to have a marked impact. For most people in the UK DPT with Polio is this first vaccine. I decided to look at cases where NBWS (never been well since) vaccination had been treated by potentised DPT to see the change in symptoms before and after the remedy. From this I collated a picture of DPT.

The Study

Kate Diamantopoulo ran a children’s clinic for several years. Looking through her case files, together with some cases from Linda Razzell and some of my own, I selected approximately 50 cases where the prescription of DPT 30 had shown a marked reaction at the next visit. I searched through some 500 cases where DPT 30 had been prescribed but I felt it was important to select only those cases which satisfied the following criteria:

  1. A follow up visit after DPT 30 was needed. (Often if the child was better, parents did not return).
  2. There had been relatively little prescribing in the case before DPT 30. This was partly so that the original interview was still valid and also it was not a clear aetiology if the prescriber had not given the remedy early on in the case.
  3. There was a reaction.

The prescription would be DPT 30 one day and Polio 30 the next or whichever combination of vaccination had originally been administered. Some cases had DT, omitting the Pertussis, and others didn’t have the Polio.


Even though in statistical terms the sample was small, reading five hundred cases to select the fifty made it possible to make general observations. It may not be possible to support them with statistical “proof”. The intention was to establish clearer ideas of DPT in order to help with future prescribing.

The analysis involved a set of “before and after” questions and the changes occurring after the prescription were recorded. These were then put into a database and presented as graph.

I looked at the symptom groups which were most commonly affected and grouped them together as follows:Sleep (70.5% of cases affected) and Dreams (17.6%), Bowels (41%), Food (43%), Thirst (49%), Urine (10%), Stomach (20%) Respiratory Complaints (45%) and Skin (29.5%)

SLEEP AND DREAMS: Sleep was the area that was most affected. The “before” symptoms seemed to occupy two extremes, those relating to over-activity and those relating to under activity. In the first group there was constant waking, over heating and uncovering, night terrors, difficulty getting to sleep, enuresis and somnambulism. In the second group sleeping long, sleeping in the day, unremembered dreams. It might have been expected that at the follow up visit the child would just be describing in more detail what had previously been called a nightmare but this was not the case. The nightmares stopped after prescribing DPT in potency. The children without dreams often developed dreams (animals and chasing).

The effect on enuresis and somnambulism did not come through as a very high percentage. Some of this will be due to the case taking. Particularly with enuresis, parents often fail to mention it initially and I feel these areas should be looked at more closely in the future.

BOWELS, FOOD, THIRST, URINE AND STOMACH: Again, in this symptom group there were extremes of symptoms – they had great appetites or no appetite. This was more marked than a particular food craving. The food cravings seemed to be those associated with other remedies that are indicated in the treatment. Commonly they were < eggs and + dairy food. They had extremes of thirst, particularly with extremes of temperature, liking very cold or very hot drinks or having no thirst at all. The extremes of temperature are often reflected elsewhere, sometimes in the appetite but also in frequent baths either hot or cold and the tendency to overheat at night. After the remedy these extremes calmed down and there were also signs of increased and often yellow urine.

Their bowels also suffered – being flatulent, loose and smelly rather than having diarrhea or constipation (although these were also recorded). These symptoms tended to improve after the remedy although there was an aggravation at first in some cases.

They often complained of stomach pains, in particular pain around umbilicus. In most cases this improved after the remedy.

MIND: Although many of these children exhibited a tubercular diathesis and later were prescribed TUBERCULINUM, temper tantrums do seem to be a symptom of DPT as well. Many of the symptoms associated with hyperactive behavior were changed by the remedy DPT (biting, stamping feet, waving arms about, hyperactivity). Equally, symptoms of the other extreme were represented – thumb sucking, lacking confidence, low energy.

DPT in potency often showed a marked change that could be described as “taking the lid off”. Hyperactivity turns into an appreciation of music, lack of confidence turns to anger. Symptoms which you would often expect to find in a child but which have not been apparent in the case-taking appeared after DPT in potency e.g. sibling jealousy starts to be expressed, as does anger.

In general the constitutional picture clears. There were also the signs of better health. They did better at school. They made progress with their reading or writing. They communicated better with their parents. They showed the signs of growth which were usually supported in the physical body as well (better co-ordination, new teeth, new growth, new shoes).

RESPIRATORY AND SKIN COMPLAINTS: All of the cases had skin or upper respiratory tract problems. In many of them the DPT vaccine had directly exacerbated these complaints and aggravations were similarly very common after prescribing it in potency. Although many of the children had had eczema before the vaccination it had not been taken as a possible contra-indication for vaccination. DPT in potency was followed by either a general clearing out (a cold or flu) or what had been a very serious condition was much ameliorated (Asthma for example was reduced to “wheezing”).

Materia medica DPT

GENERALTIES Allergic reactions. Fever after vaccination. Lack of co-ordination
WORSE Heat, cold
BETTER Heat, cold.

MIND Hyperactivity, temper tantrums, obstinate, stubborn, anger, explosive temper, wakes grumpy, irritable, charming, suppressed emotions (jealousy develops after DPT), stammers, desires company, aversion to company, tearful mood, lacks confidence, mild, tidy. Bangs head, makes gestures, bites nails, sucks thumb. Retarded learning, reading and writing, left handed, dyslexia

EYES Squint. Ocular Cellulitis

EARS Earache. Discharge Yellow/green. Glue ear.

NOSE Catarrh, sniffles

FACE Lacks vital colour, rings under eyes

MOUTH Grinds teeth (often during sleep), talks late, stuttering and stammering. Disorders of speech (sing-song)
STOMACH Lack of appetite or appetite increased. Refuses to eat. Strong thirst or lack of thirst. Thirst for hot. Thirst for cold. Thirst increased at night. +eggs. Stomach aches.
ABDOMEN Loose stool, flatulence, strong smelling. Constipation. Pain around umbilicus.
URINARY Enuresis. Increased urination.
FEMALE Vaginitis. History of candida albicans
RESPIRATORY Asthma. Upper respiratory tract infection, wheezing. History of tonsillitis
EXTREMITIES Numbness and tingling.
SKIN Eczema, with or without itching. Nappy rash. Eruptions under skin. Night sweats. Local reaction to vaccination (erythma, oedema, heat, induration). Purpura. Boils.
SLEEP Changes of sleeping pattern. Sleep disturbances. Nightmares, night terrors, somnambulism, enuresis. Difficulty getting to sleep. Wakes often. Sleeps late. Sleep in the day. Cannot be roused. Sleep is fitful. Uncovers. Hot in bed. Piles up bedclothes and sleeps on top. Restless.

Expanding the materia medica

In Harris Coulter’s book Vaccination Social Violence and Criminality (1990) he states: “Leo Kanner in 1943 described 11 cases of a new mental illness in young people which he called “inborn autistic disturbances of effective contact” ” the condition differs markedly and uniquely from anything reported so far…” This was immediately after the vaccine programme started in the States. He looks at the symptoms of “Encephalitis, Autism and Minimal Brain Damage and shows that many of the symptoms of these three states are similar and are part of a larger entity – post-encephalitic syndrome – which in turn, is caused primarily by the childhood vaccine programme.” ” The areas affected are the C.N.S – especially the cranial nerve, the digestive process and the immunological apparatus… When the cranial nerves are affected, the result is the weakness of the eyes, ears, voice, and respiratory system, the latter condition being responsible for the cases of ‘sudden infant death’ following vaccination.”

He goes on to say: “If autism is a manifestation of vaccine-induced encephalitis, the implications are very disturbing. The symptoms manifested with pathological intensity in a small group will of necessity appear in a milder form in a much larger proportion of the population. For every “autistic” who is shut away in an institution there will be a thousand alienated individuals functioning as normal taxpaying citizens.”

I collated the symptoms as they appeared in the text in the form of a materia medica. The similarities between these and my observations of the clinical study are marked.

GENERALITIES Allergic reactions, fainting, loss of muscle control, sudden infant death syndrome (S.I.D.S.) after vaccination. Crying and high pitched screaming lasting three hours or more after vaccination. Detached and inaccessible. Could not, or would not, smile. Refused to be touched, even by their own parents. Nervously hostile with strangers. Awkward clumsy in gait. Rhythmic movements. High tolerance for pain and discomfort especially temperature changes. Late dentition, late talking, late walking, microcephaly (failure of skull to grow).
WORSE Touch, milk and milk products, food colouring, wheat.

MIND Convulsions. FEAR of everything: dogs and other animals, loud noises, guns, the refrigerator, a furnace, flashing lights, a spot on the wall, THE DARK, night terrors, LOOSING CONTROL. Loses control. Mental retardation. Cannot accept instructions from teacher. Loquacity or absence of speech. Talks about one single subject, talks in monologue, the “to and fro” of normal conversation is missing, unaware that people are talking to him, needs several moments to process the words he hears, lost in own thoughts. LONELINESS. Epilepsy (petit mal and grand mal), tics, tremors, choreiform movements (twisting), facial grimaces, infantile spasms. Poor handwriting, left handed or ambidextrous, dyslexia, poor visual-motor co-ordination, difficulty distinguishing left from right (if asked to touch left ear with right finger becomes baffled). Reads but can’t spell. Gestures with their hands. Ritualistic behavior. They rock hum and love to dance. Uncooperative, stubborn, negative, can provoke more or less hostile or violent reactions, avoids answering questions or complying with requests, screams when frustrated, throws things, hateful and sneaky. Impulsive. Loves music, can memorise music and repeat it from memory. Over-activity (lessens with age), walks early, limited attention span. Loquacity, over emphasis on one subject, poor listener. Curses and calls people names. Explosive speech. Excessive reaction.Bossiness, bullying, inability to change. Lack of emotion, remorse leading to suicide, remorse, kisses and cuddles nurse. Steals, lies, destroys property, sets fire to things.

HEAD Rolls head from side to side, bangs head (before sleep, on floor, into mother’s chest), picks at his hair or ears, migraines, morning headaches or wake at night, frontal or diffuse over scalp, afternoon naps followed by headache. Encephalitis.

EYES Visual disturbances, strabismus, squint.

EARS Ottitis after vaccination. Sensitive to loud noises, puts his hands over his ears, ear infections, does not comprehend the spoken word (word deafness), Selective deafness.

MOUTH Grinds teeth (often while asleep), talks late, stutters or stammers. Infantile speech, disorders of speech, lack of expressive language, inability to complete sentence because right word cannot be found. Oddities of articulation (e.g. sing-song). Developmental aphasia (dysphasia). Bites own hand.

STOMACH Vomiting after vaccination. Lack of appetite or increased appetite (anorexia and bulimia), refusal to eat, babies have weak sucking reflex with gagging drooling or difficult swallowing, strong thirst or lack of thirst, food fads, Stomach aches.

ABDOMEN Diarrhoea, gastro-intestinal symptoms after vaccination. Diarrhoea from milk. Stools sour, acid,musty smell. Lack of bowel control, unreliable sphincter, flatulence. Celiac disease.

URINARY Enuresis (until adolescence).

MALE Early masturbation (4).

FEMALE Early masturbation (8).

RESPIRATORY Asthma, wheezing, upper respiratory tract infections, apnea (breath holding).

SKIN Night sweats, local reaction; erythma, oedema, heat, induration.

SLEEP Change in sleeping pattern, sleepiness after vaccination. Sleep disturbances, turns night into day, hyperactivity increases at bedtime, difficulty falling to sleep. Child falls asleep at proper time and wakes a few hours later, sleep is fitful and without established pattern, cat-nap day and night, difficult going to sleep then comatosed, head banging before sleep, somnambulism, sleep apnea. Screams in sleep but cannot be roused. Night terrors. Piles blankets on bed and sleeps on top of them.

FEVER After vaccination 105 F, night sweats.

22 thoughts on “DPT and Autism

  1. Many of these described symptoms are what happened to my son shortly after his Dtap vaccination.
    Thank you for this detailed information. I would like to know more on the protocol.
    Thank you,

  2. I would like to tell you about my positive experience of the remedy DPT, 10M potency, daily in water for the last month.
    I am 45 year old woman diagnosed with high functioning Autism (Aspergers Syndrome), Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Irlen Syndrome, five months ago.
    Whilst still reeling from the shock of the diagnosis, I was not coping well with an exceptionally stressful redundancy situation at work which brought on daily anxiety/panic attacks. The shock of the diagnosis and 6 months of work stresses lead to a complete physical and emotional breakdown in May of 2011, some 3 months ago and I was signed off sick from work.
    A relapse of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome quickly followed and I was confused and unable to hold a thought, or have a conversation or interact in anyway ‘normally’. I spent a lot of time in bed, or on the sofa, depressed and unable to function even at the most basic level. I had to close the small business I was running at the time. Life suddenly stopped.
    My Homeopath prescribed Medorrhinum, and I did well on this remedy. I was then prescribed DPT 10M in water. I believe I have had a very positive reaction to the DPT remedy in terms of energy levels, anxiety, stomach symptoms and clarity of thought.
    I found taking 3 sips of DPT 10M in water each day improved my energy levels, which became more consistent and went from utter exhaustion to having some pretty ‘normal’ days and even the odd good day! My thought processes improved – going from daily confusion to having much more clarity of thought though there is still some way to go on this. My anxiety levels have improved (somewhat). My long standing gut problems improved dramatically – having been diagnosed with Barratts Oesophagus, Gastritis and Duodenitis which gave me constant pain for years – these have virtually disappeared on the remedy!

    I am continuing on the remedy as advised.

  3. I have an 8 year old son with moderate autism. W
    I would like to know if this treatment would help my son with some of his symptoms. Thank you.
    April Thomas
    Charlotte, North Carolina

  4. Sir, i have a son of 4+yrs. at th time of birth he did’n get brestmilk from his mother. he behaved normaly upto 2+, used to speak whatever he heard. after that he stopped to talk. now he speks only 1or2 words. he doesn’t follow instructions too. but he can hear better. he always sucks left thumb, likes to watch cartoons and always remains busy with unnecessary works.he is now 4+ but doesn’t speak properly. he has no choice of particular food, he sleeps well too. he has no attraction in read,he draws lines of unnecessary shape. plz guide me.i am feeling helpless.

    • Hello Pranab, Felt sad after reading your post here i believe we are sailing in same boat, as my son has the same symptoms too… Wish he gets well soon hope u got the cure too. My son is 4+ too and is diagnosed with ASD,PDD no nos. I have heard a lot about homeopathy ….along with the additional therapies like ot,st and bt m trying to put him on homeopathy. Please update me if you get to know something better ,even i will do the same as soon as i get reply from here. Wish u luck and strength to overcome.

      • My son got diagnosed at 22 months, we just completed 1 year homeopathy treatment this february. We seen the lot bunch of progress with him. From no words to full fluent language. Attention increased from 10% to 90%. Lot more to add. I can surely love to share the stuffs we tried, and which really worked for us.

        You can reach me at raghava.kotekar[AT]gmail[DOT]com

  5. Thank you for this DPT information! I see so many of my son’s issues here. Will homeopathic DPT help someone even though he has had these problems for more than 25 years?

  6. My younger son who is 8 years of age is suffered from mild Autism after vaccination. He is a scissorian baby and from the time of birth everything was normal. His development till 1 year of age was normal and he was very attentive and started calling dad & mom. He was taking vaccines in the guidance of a paeditrician. After one year, gradually he become silent and did not talk. His health is normal. All the time, he remains in his own world. Put hand over ears very often when listens any eratic sound (loud sound) though he loves music(loves devotional song,video, music) , watch television etc. constipation is a regular feature. takes cold easily, always move here and there inside room. jumps from bed, throws household things outside, aggressive & emotional, always want to hold something in his hand. poor eye contact, though hears sharply, did not respond when calling. He had taken 3 years continuous speech therapy, 2 month SI therapy, but all in vain. Plz advise

  7. My son Ryan (11 years old) has a lot of symptoms described here: hyperactivity, compulsive obsessive behavior, inflamed digestive tract, temper tantrum, banging head. Can you tell me where and how I can manage homeopathic treatment for him, such as DPT remedy? I live in Shoreview Minnesota in American. Can you recommend some good homeopathic doctor in this area goog at treating autistic children?
    Hong Zeng

  8. Thank you agin, Len, for posting this valuable information. My son has now been given other remedies, including Staphysagria, Nat Mur, Thuja, and Mercurius. (We seem to have ALL the main miasms in our family.) At 33 years old, he is doing well but I’d still like to give him the DPT remedy. I’ll be ordering some soon. It’s unbelievable how many DPT vaccine symptoms my children have.
    I love your blog, love reading all the articles you’ve posted. Keep up the good work!!

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